the corrupt war

A civil war is breaking lose within the world. With many deaths and casualties, the war is corrupting people. As both sides become desperate after 15 years of constant fighting, both sides are kidnapping children under the age of 17 to fight in the war. Kids have gone into hiding with whatever family members that they have left. But, kids are often difficult to control. Two boys have the power to destroy the world and end the war. On the run, with a group of terrifying assassins following. The boys need to figure out who to trust and who not to.


1. prologue


The girl's heavy eyelids flickered open, as the gunshot abruptly woke her up. The smoke trailed up past her darkly tainted window like a snake hissing and licking it with its sharp tongue, pressing its shadow against the window. She staggered slowly and carefully to her feet and sauntered over to the window. She carefully glimpsed through the dark fog and saw the rifle glaring at her. She ducked quickly as the bony, lanky man pulled the trigger with his skinny, chip like finger. The cigar dropped out of his mouth and onto the cold floor as he wickedly laughed when he heard the girl's screech.

The speeding bullet flew through the window like a hungry, panic-stricken predator. The girl was lucky as she just managed to twist her dainty head, but the bullet didn't miss as it caught her ear as if it were a ball. The bullet hung the ear loosely, pinning it to the wall like a nail. The girl shrieked loudly, like a wailing banshee. Large droplets of blood dripped quickly onto the floor staining the white, furry carpet in a dark crimson making the carpet look like, a dead animals fur. Suddenly, the girl stopped screaming as the blood from the floor slid over to her, slithering like a bloodthirsty snake. Her blood oozed from the floor back into the hole like, someone had just pressed rewind on the event. Her ear flaked off from the wall and slowly reappeared on the side of her face. She turned and looked at the wall the bullet somehow shined through the dent in the wall. She prised the bullet loose carefully as if she was playing operation. She quickly pulled the bullet loose and held it in her tender hands. She carefully opened them seeing the stained blood slowly evaporating from the bullet.

Suddenly, the door crashed down as the man stood there. A dirty bag draped over his shoulder like a cape. The man's bony hands were hidden deep into the wells of his pocket. He had a long scar running his face. The wound made the man look menacing and the girl stepped backwards. His hands slowly slid out of his pockets and aimed a second gun in her direction. The man closed his wounded eye.

 “bye bye sweetie” he said mockingly, the tone of his voice was pure venom. “good night” he said again, as he closed his fingers over the trigger. The girl stumbled backwards and took the dart out of her chest. She dropped it on the ground. She stepped backwards. The second shot she was not expecting. It thumped her in the chest a second time. The recoil caught her off guard. She staggered backwards and fell to the floor. Her head bled quickly and then the blood disappeared. Her limp body was picked up and put into the bag. The man sniggered coldly again as he stepped over the dead bodies of her parents.


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