Just Forget The World....

This for the: Valentines Day with 1D competition. It would mean a whole lot to me if you read it and favorited/liked/shared this with others. It really would mean so much to me. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! :)


2. *Quick Question*


Ok, so I have a quick question for everyone. I just thought of an idea for a new story but I need a title for it. I've tried to come up with one but I can't so I was hoping that my readers and fans could help come up with a title. I have the description written so it could help with title ideas. Just comment bellow or post on by blog telling me your idea. Thanks again :)   Description:  Haley, Ellie, and Arianna (Ari) are just regular normal girls living in Florida and are finishing their senior year of high school. They are all fans of One Direction. So when they see they've posted a new contest on the website to win a special performance by them at their school's prom, they quickly enter. Little did they know that this one contest could change everything.  
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