The Other Side

Papa has always fantasised about the prospect of a different life, a better one which he can share with his wife and baby hedgehogs, a life on the Other Side. Though when they decide to embark on an incredible journey after much deliberation, they face obstacles and challenges they never would have thought they’d have to overcome in order to reach the place of their dreams, where mountains slope down valleys and wild flowers grow and birds fly free. But before them lies the Road, every hedgehog’s worst enemy and the bane at the heart of their venture. As Papa comes to realise, not everything’s as simple as it seems upon first glance and that they’ll have to confront oblivion if they are to survive and make it to the Other Side, to sanctuary and to the pursuit of their happiness. (I apologise for how childish this is, though I have tried hard to get it as good as I can possibly make it- however, any feedback would be much appreciated.) For the Unexpected Adventure competition.


4. On the Other Side

The mountains sloped down the valleys and without a sound they stood, in harmony with their surroundings. Flowers grew, wild and untamed, in gardens and pastures near and far and trees and vines entwined to grasp at the heavens. Wispy clouds meandered through the broad strokes of pale blue sky and birds flitted by, singing their songs, free and careless. And they were there. Papa, Mama, their hoglets… together they stood on the Other Side, at peace with all. You ought to visit them some time if you have the chance. It truly is the most magical place. A place where mountains slope down valleys and wild flowers grow and birds fly free. A place where hedgehogs are safe. When he was older, Papa looked back on those glorious days with a fondness and a light heart as he remembered them all. Every detail. Every square mile. Every flower, every mountain, every bird. And from then on, they scarcely ever called it the Other Side anymore. They preferred to call it home.   

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