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This is a selection of one-shots written by me.
Prompts are requested by people on Tumblr.
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Niam: The Concert,
Niam: School,
Louis: Coffee


2. Niam: School


It was the start of another normal school week for me. I mean nothing special happens at school I am the schools nerd and always getting bullied for being nerdy and gay. I mean I only have one good friend who's name is Louis but that is because he is also gay. And the thing is we are crushing on two people who are ironically friends with each other. Both of these boys are popular. The one I like is called Niall and the one Louis likes is called Harry.


- - - 


As i turned the corner and walked into the school gates I could see people staring me. 


"Faggot." Someone yelled. I don't know how but this stuff still gets to me. I heard it a few more times on the way to my locker it hurt. I just decided that I was going to look down and not let people see how much they were really hurting me because it was just going to cause more drama in that department that I didn't need at the moment. As I was walking towards my period one class I bumped into someone who I didn't want to see Niall. He was the one person I was crushing on and I know he hates me. 


"Oh are you ok?" Niall asked as he helped me up.


"Yeah." I replied shyly. The thing is I had no idea why Niall was all of a sudden being so nice to me I mean just yesterday he pushed me out of his way as he was walking though the corridor in between classes. This just isn't him.


"Oh ok." He said and then he went on his way. Just as he turned the corner he looked back at me with a smile on his face, which is not something I normally see from him.


- - -


"So hows your day been so far." I asked Louis as we walked outside to eat lunch in this little area where no one really goes because we sit here and no one wants to sit with us.


"Not to bad, but i did catch Harry looking at me a few times throughout English." Louis answered.


"Ok, cause I had a run in with Niall this morning and he was actually being nice to me." I said with a bit of surprise in my voice because behind Louis I could see Niall and Harry walking our way.


"Hey boys." Harry said as he sat down next to Louis. Niall decided to sit next to me.


"Hey." Louis replied back shakily because I don't think he wanted them to be here because they are trouble to us.


"So we just wanted to hang out with you for a while. Is that alright?" Niall asked.


"Yeah." I replied.


We sat for a while just talking to each other. We talked about our interests which helped me find out I have a few things in common with Niall and same goes for Louis and Harry. We talked about how much we hate some of the teachers at this school, which I thinks the same for most people. 


After we finished eating the bell went and Niall asked if it was alright for him to walk to class with me because we were both in music together with Mr. West.


"So do you think you will do something besides playing an instrument?" Niall asked.


"I don't know, I mean I have always wanted to sing but I'm not good enough." I said truthfully.


"Well why don't you sing quickly to me now." Niall said as we walked into the classroom and took seats right next to each other. The teacher told us to work on our solo or group (depending on how you wanted to work) pieces so me an Niall went to a quite room not too far from the  classroom so I could sing to him.


"I want to sing a bit of a song I started writing." I said. Then I started.


'I'm broken do you hear me,

I'm blinded cause your the only thing I see…'


"WoW, that was really good." Niall said the second I finished singing. "You know what we should work together. I have this catchy song written and I just need someone to sing it with me." He said. I agreed to his idea. I feel like I was opening up to Niall more in the sense I didn't hate him as much as I did yesterday.


By the end of the class we had perfected the song Niall had written and we were ready to perform it to the whole class.


'Lately I've found myself thinking,

That dreaming about you a lot…'


'Up in my head we were kissing,

I thought things were going alright…'


By the end of the performance the whole class was stood up clapping and saying how good we had done. After that we left class and Niall decided to walk home with me because he only lived around the corner from me. 


When we got to the front door of my house I said goodbye to him and he just hugged me. I found that a bit strange because the thing is he is not Gay, or at least I didn't know about it. Then he did the unthinkable, he kissed me. He bloody kissed me. Oh My God it felt amazing. And from that day on I have been so happy because I have had Niall by my side to help me through the day.

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