One Shots:)

This is a selection of one-shots written by me.
Prompts are requested by people on Tumblr.
So if you have a request hit up my tumblr:
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Niam: The Concert,
Niam: School,
Louis: Coffee


4. Louis: Pranks


It was just another day at school for you today. You loved school, you had the friends and the teachers liked you but the only thing you didn't like about school was Louis Tomlinson and his crew/ They were the pranksters of the school and you could't stand them. They had never played a prank on you but you always kept an eye out for them because they would do it to anybody.


As you were walking through the front doors of the school with two of your friends on your sides you caught a glimpse of Louis and Harry getting ready for another one of their pranks they were probably going to play on some loser, who in return was one of them because according to you those guys were losers. You brushed off that thought and continued on your way to class.


Once in class you got talking to one of your friends when Niall and Louis walk in. You nearly forgot they were in your class. But the lucky thing is that they sit at the back of the class where as you sit in the second row of seats. 


"So how was your morning?" Your best friend Lilly asked.


"Good. But I don't know why but I have some sort of feeling something bad is going to happen." You replied.


"Oh, that can not be good." 




- - - 


It was the end of the day for you. You had stayed back to talk to one of your teachers so when you left the classroom you were the only one in the corridors.


After going to your locker you decided now would be a good time to leave, so just as you turned around you slipped on something and saw that there were a whole heap of banana peels on the ground. You had no idea where they came from but when you did fall you felt a twist in your ankle and realised that it must be sprained and it hurt a lot.


"Ahhh." You screemed. That seamed the get Louis attention as he ran down the hallways towards you.


"You okay?" He asked.


"No not really." You said.


"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to hurt you like this." Louis said in sorrow.


"It's ok, I just don't think I can walk." You said.


"i'll help you." He replied.


After that Louis helped you walk to the front off the school where the parking lot was. He walked you over to his car because he insisted that he would drive you home because you had no other way of getting home.


"So Y/N, I am truly sorry." He gushed.


"It's alright. At least I know you aren't the loser everyone says you are."


"Aw thanks." Louis replied.


For the rest of the car ride you talked about things. And learned that Louis was a pretty cool guy and someone you would love to hang out with. He also promised he was going to stop with his pranks because he knew how bad they could hurt someone.


And that is what happened in the coming weeks. Louis stopped pranking people and you started hanging out more with not just Louis but the rest of his friends as well and that was the start of a great relationship.

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