Best Day Ever

Hey Guys This is a 1 chapter Valeintines Day story about Niall and a girl named Abby (me)


1. Best Day Ever

I woke up and it was Valentines Day,

it was going to be the worst day because Niall was away on tour. 

I got out of bed to the smell of Bacon

"What the" i said,

I walked down to the kitchen and saw a blonde boy Setting up an amazing breakfast, 

he looked up and it was Niall

"Oh my Gosh! Niall what are you doing here" I screamed from excitement.

"Your my girlfriend and its Valentine's day! Why would i leave you here alone all day, Your the love of my life  babe" He said and pulled me in for a Kiss.

"I Love You Niall"

"I Love You To Abby"

Niall put breakfast out on the table and we sat down and ate.

All Day we watched romantic films

"Abby go get dressed, Into this" He handed me a box and i went upstairs.

I got dressed into a really nice Long Purple formal dress. it had a sequin Boob area and the rest was sheer with a slip under built in. it was really beautiful

"Babe put these shoes on" Niall said putting shoes at the door

I went and picked them up the were Satin Purple Stileoes.

I did my make up, (purple themed of course  and then i did my hair into  neat ballerina bun with two little curls hanging out on each side of my face.

i walked back out to the living room and i saw Niall dressed in a Black tux with a purple bow tie.

We linked arms and walked outside to a limo

He went ahead and opened the door

"My lady" he said while bowing

"Thank you kind sir" i said back

He got in the car and opened a bottle of champagne.

He poured me and him a glass each.

We sat and talked about his Tour and My Modeling/Acting career.

We arrived at where ever we were going and he opened the door for me. 

we were at an extremely fancy french restaurant

but the weird thing was that it was empty.

"Niall why is no one else here" i asked

"I rented it out for the night" he smiled at me.

We went in and then all the other boys arived

"Oh My Gosh Hi" I said we all exchanged hugs.

Also their girlfriends were here.

I Hugged all of them.

It was going to be a great night.

we all ordered dinner.

and during desert Niall stood up grabbed my hand and said

"Abby, I love you so much that it hurts. Your the best thing that's ever been mine, I never want to lose you, and I never can lose you, my life will be over if you ever left me. Abby i want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever"

He got down on one knee

"Abby Paige Perry. Will You Marry Me"

"YES NIALL OF CORSE I WILL! I love you so much" I hugged him tight

he put the ring on my finger.

about half an hour later we went back home and went to bed and watched Titanic our favorite movie to watch together we feel asleep in each others arms

This truly was the best day.



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