Walking in the sand

When Millie goes to vist her family friends there's a cheeky boy next door called Liam and he's falling for Millie but when it's time for Millie to go home what will liam do ?


2. The fair

When I got to the kitchen I turned to looked at the picture of my mum she died 3 months ago tears came to my eyes me then I looked away quickly just as the door opened "dad" I said your home early from work "that's right " he said picking me up and giving me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek "I thought we could spend the day together " he said Turing to me sure I said smiling "where do you wanna go " I said "any where " he said "oh I eared about the fair I town ". I said smiling "sure why not " he said *we spent the day at the fair*
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