Walking in the sand

When Millie goes to vist her family friends there's a cheeky boy next door called Liam and he's falling for Millie but when it's time for Millie to go home what will liam do ?


9. Shopping

As me LJ sat in silence at the table suddenly Kate asked me if I wanted to go shopping I looked at her and them looked at Liam he smiled yeah boo why don't you go "alright " I said Kate waved her arms it he air and smiled at Harry why don't you come Hazza said Kate "yeah Liam " I said alright princess lets go LJ Niall why don't u come alright but we gotta be at the studio at 1:00 that gives us plenty of time *at the shops * "boo this is cute" said Liam "but I like this " I said we had already being to 17 stores only 10 more I had only like 7 bags then liam said something that was the cutest thing I've ever heard "here's the most beautifulest necklace for the most beautifulest girl I smiled as I looked on it there was a turtle I love turtles I said me 2 said Liam picking me up and taking photos he kissed me and suddenly lots of photographs came in I loved it but I hated the flashes then we were mobbed by fans they all loved me and wanted my photos and me to sign there tee-shirts "hey your the model from teen weakly " right said one of them "yeah this is my princess " Liam said smiling at looking at me "I love her" Liam said smiling and hugging me he picked me up and whispered in my ear "wanna go get a milk shake" "I'd love to " i said smiling the massive crowd made way as I walked through
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