Walking in the sand

When Millie goes to vist her family friends there's a cheeky boy next door called Liam and he's falling for Millie but when it's time for Millie to go home what will liam do ?


7. Moon light love

Kate's pov
Niall called my name and told me to get millie up "girls this is Harry " said Niall as we walked to the front door my eyes were now like super glued to my head and girls this is "Liam " I could tell millie felt the same way as if wanted to hug him and never let go "LJ babe " shouted Niall leaving the boys at the door "may we come in " Liam asked a huge grin on his face "oh yeah " I said looking in to Harry's green eyes deeply I smiled and thought how good it would be if Harry was my boy friend suddenly he stepped closer to me Naill came rushing down the hall .

Liam's pov
Niall came rushing down "fire" he shouted LJ jumped up and ran out kate and Harry to there hands brushing as they ran millie stood there "millie " I shouted she didn't move just stood there no she screamed I can't let it burn the picture of my mum she shouted "leave before you die " she said her face had tears running down it "I'll die if I have to " she said suddenly I knew something it was also sudden I loved her . Her brown waves in her hair swung around to see if I had gone I suddenly rushed towards her and kissed her to my surprise she didn't pull away she kissed back as I let her tounge slip into my mouth I picked up bridle style and ran to her room I picked the photo up and ran out really fastly the fire burned it down but then Lydia had called the fire department and it had soon come Lydia's house looked horrible as we stepped in side
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