Walking in the sand

When Millie goes to vist her family friends there's a cheeky boy next door called Liam and he's falling for Millie but when it's time for Millie to go home what will liam do ?


6. Meeting him

Niall Horan "hey love you must be millie " he said my eyes were like glued to my head I couldn't even blink Lydia giggled I could tell Kate felt the same way smiling and trying to act calm as of he wasn't there was a really good idea for now "Liam lives next door " Niall said smiling "oh and Harry lives down the street " said LJ looking at Kate so what have you being doing said LJ "nothing much Kate blabbed on about Harry on the airplane ride" Kate went bright red "it's not like u didn't talk about Liam " she said looking at me with the best come back she could get that night about 5:00 there was a nock at the door Niall smiled me and told me it was a "surprise" I glared at him with my eyes and then looked at Kate she just shrugged .
Liam's pov
As Niall opened he door I smiled what is the "urgent rush" Harry said his curls still wet from his shower "sorry guys " Niall whispered "there's 2 girls here and you guys have no girl friends and these girls no boyfriends so I thought you guys would get along he finished "oh alright " I said peeping my head through the door and smiling I saw one of them "that's Kate " said Niall looking at me and scowling your gonna go with "Millie" he said to me "alright I'll meet them "

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