Walking in the sand

When Millie goes to vist her family friends there's a cheeky boy next door called Liam and he's falling for Millie but when it's time for Millie to go home what will liam do ?


1. Saturday snow

I woke up my back feeling sore but today was my last day at home so I launched myself up smiling as I looked out the window to see it snowing I was going to visit Lydia my really close family friend she lived in Australia though so it was going to take a long time to get there I hated planes they were so long and boring . I walked into the spare room and grabbed a suit case from under the bed I trailed it into my room and opened my wardrobe dumping the suitcase on the floor I crossed my legs and started throwing loads of clothes around I then looked at me shoes and started throwing some of them out to when i was done I shut my wardrobe and grabbed my phone I text LJ while folding some of the clothes
L:can't wait for you to come over and meet my boyfriend
M:what's his name
L:can't tell
M:see you tomorrow
I text Turing off my phone and walking out the door to get breakfast
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