My Hero.....

Mackenzie is an 16 year old girl who just went for a normal day to the mall but ended up finding much more.....


1. The Mall




I wake up to the sound of my mum and dad screaming at each other again. I’m sick of them yelling at each other every morning. Oh well I guess It’s time to get up, I push the covers off me and step out of my bed and walk into my bathroom. I get undressed and hop into the shower, I finish washing my hair and I turn off the water and wrap my towel around me. I get dressed into my plain red top, my black skirt and my black stilettos.

I walk down the stairs to get my breakfast. “Good Morning Honey want some eggs?” my mother asked. “No thank, I might skip on breakfast today. I’m going to meet Emma at the mall. Bye.” I answered. “Bye Honey.” She yelled back. I get into my car and drive to the mall.

I walk into the mall and see Emma standing in the distance, I walk up to her and give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Hey Mackenzie.” She says. “Hey.” I answer. We walk towards supre when Emma says “One Direction are performing live today at 11:00am.” She said. I nod and look at my watch and see that its 10:55am, she says that we need to head over so we do and we stand at the back and they start to sing ‘Little Things’. It’s weird because it looked like Harry was staring at me the whole time.




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