the man with no face

this story is based on some rumors about a man with no face and a girl who tried to stop him, her names are unknown for now but read to find out her blood curling tail with her encounter with slender man


2. what happened next

After school i was walking my daily walk home and without reliesing i walk straight into the forest like i was not in-control of my body then it was like i woke from a terrible dream to find myself wondering round like i had lost my mind then i reliesed i was not alone it was like the shadows were alive and moving around trying to trap me or lore me to a unknown place. swiftly turning around gaining back full control of my body i ran through the trees as they whispered and rattled through the wind trying to distracted me as the shadows that pranced  tried to gain control again, I ran faster and faster until i was at the fastest speed my acing feet could take but then through the trees. I screamed inside my head "NO IT...IT CAN'T BE NO ITS HIM" i tried to search though my bag trying to find my camera then "ah ha" I shouted but a swirl of wind circled me and i noticed that he had come closer. but back then before i used the word slender i used the native name "windago" before i got his curse but i was new to him, but as soon as i took the picture i noticed he had a boy that was standing next to him a boy with brown hair that curved at the top and had eyes as black as darkness he has a shirt on that was covered in blood stains and no it was my big bro no it wasn't but it was. i tried to dinie the facts but it was him.                                                                                                          After about stairing at his empty eyes i pegged it out of the forest not believing that i saw my brother and the man, ........ the man with no face. 

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