the man with no face

this story is based on some rumors about a man with no face and a girl who tried to stop him, her names are unknown for now but read to find out her blood curling tail with her encounter with slender man


1. the start of all

It was a dark night when i meet him, I was walking through the old oak wood as i past the old a banded barn that's when it started at first ,and now i am losing my mind its like a computer with a virus inside. I can't think strait every think i had is gone, all gone why me? what did i do wrong? now after the case of his deadly sickness he is coming for me, hes after me its a matter of time till he comes he might just be down stairs climbing up the old, wooden stair case, or in the 1st floor hall way im scared but its time for me to admit defeat this is the fate of his victims this is the fates of the slender man curse.


I was in school that day when it happened i was with my mates Lucy, Jessica, tom and Hannah. I had a very standed life i had a mum and a dad and my big brother john we where all happy intill john disappeared and was never found i cried that night when the police stopped looking, but now i know why or how he was taken he meet his fate with him as i am now he was very interested with the supernatural stuff like aliens and ghosts so did i so one night he got a text from his buddy's about a man who walked around in the forest that stole well people... just as random as it sounds it's true so he and myself started to study him and amazing and as creepy as it sounds we weren't the only people who were interested there were so many and so much to learn about him too but it was the worst thing that a human could do in there lives and the worst we did. 

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