the man with no face

this story is based on some rumors about a man with no face and a girl who tried to stop him, her names are unknown for now but read to find out her blood curling tail with her encounter with slender man


3. a bloody disaster

It was a week after the startling sighting if him i told no one and well basically i tried to act like my normal self until i vomited in class but this was not you regular vomit it was blood red actually it was blood not vomit at all people screamed and stared as the teacher tried to stop me but it kept coming out, and finally i stopped but i was unconscious then i woke to find myself on a hospital bed with a liter of blood being injected into my blood and by the supporter was a bored saying that i had lost 3/4's of my blood. i felt weak and faint but as i began to doze my parents entered with the doctor to check on me.

my mum stared at me in delight. she ran over and started to kiss me all over and started saying that she loved me and started to cry in relief. The doctor cleared his throat to get our attention and spoke mildly "Arr how are you do you feel OK my dear you past out because you lost most of your blood and was almost very close to death but looks like death has Favored you"

i stared blankly in shock thinking why or how i lost all of my blood almost but a vision of the  vomiting and children screaming as i lost almost all of my blood. After a few days of rest i was released from the hospital and was glad to be home but at the time i felt safe but then i felt a presents every where i went i and from that moment on wards he followed me and every night i would have  dreams visions that i was in a woods trying to find 8 notes to know more about him but each time i would progress by one week 1 note, by two weeks 2 notes and ete but as i progressed i started to know more about slender and i new each week as i progressed i was counting down to my own death 

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