the man with no face

this story is based on some rumors about a man with no face and a girl who tried to stop him, her names are unknown for now but read to find out her blood curling tail with her encounter with slender man


4. 1 2 slender coming for you 3 4 death to all

as i counted down my sickness got worse i began having visions and saying things that i don't even reliesing im saying them, but i knew he was trying to control me i knew he was there waiting for that day to arrive and soon the days turned to months and my final days were coming into place. my parents got worried about me but soon after they just left me in the house all alone waiting for him.

all of my cloths were ripped and my eyes leaked blood instead of tears i was on my own but the creak of the down stairs door opened and silence and death filled the house but the worst thing was to wonder his he there or over there well no he's everywhere so i give this warning's to you so you don't face his curse or his terrible fate so don't believe don't study him and don't look because you could be next to face no faced man you could be next for the slender man.  

creak creak creak was the sound of my death approaching then with a click i was up and walking to him a man who was very tall and wore a black suit and a eerie pale face but with no features i only had control of my eyes so i could see my death and silence the house was once again a normal house but with know one inside to know its despicable secret and stupid relives so to protect yourself don't believe or he will come for you too this is the fate of his victims this is the fate of the slender man 



Rachel drake 2000- 2012 may she rest in peace

john drake 1997-2011 my he rest in peace 

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