Way to much drama

Samadhi goes way on a Summer Camp, just to come upon Drama and Lies...


3. The Drama Begins...

Me and Niall talked the whole way there we got along really well. 

We had made plans to stick tgether all of summer

its not relly summer because we are going to the snowy mountains.

we finally got to camp and me and Niall stuck together and his friends joined us.

there was





And Zayn

we all got introuduced and stood and waited for our names to be called.

We found out that we were in the same house

we all started going over there. i went to my room and started to unpack

*Knock, Knock* 

"Samadhi, you got a minute" it ws Niall

"yeah sure" i smiled

"Wanna go somewhere" He asked

"Yeah sure" i put my shoes on and followed Niall

"so um where are we going" i asked

"The Lake" he smiled


we got to the peer and sat down

"Samadhi i know we just met but..." he looked into my eyes "i love you Samadhi" he kissed me


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