Way to much drama

Samadhi goes way on a Summer Camp, just to come upon Drama and Lies...


4. Start of Lies...

"we should go to dinner" i said

we all went over and got our food and sat down

after Dinner niall disapered somewhere the boys went back to the house and i went for a walk but when i got to the lake i saw Niall talking to a girl her name was Acacia she was really pretty

i hid behind a tree and wtched them 

all of a sudden Niall leaned in and kissed her

i started crying

"Your not the only one who is shocked" it was a boy named Sam it was Acacia's boyfriend

"Are You Okay" he asked

"Not really" i said

"Come with me" he said

i followed him into the woods and there was a massive tree with an elevator sort of thing going up to a Tree House,

"i made two years ago" he smiled

DAYMN he was cute.

we both got in the elevator and went up to the tree house.

we looked out off the balcony and could see niall and acacia walking back to their houses.

"wanna sleep in here tonigt" he asked

"yes please" i said

Sam turned the TV on and we got into bed, we feel asleep

-Next Day-

I woke up wrapped in Sam's arm

"morning" he smiled

"morning" i smiled back

we both went and got changed in our houses, i walked staright out with out speaking to Niall

i went to met up with sam

we sat in the games room tlking untill Acacia came in

we ran out the back,

then we saw Niall go in so we looked in the window.

we saw them kissing

i stuck a note on the window that said 'Sam + Samadhi know' knocked on the window and ran off laughing.


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