Way to much drama

Samadhi goes way on a Summer Camp, just to come upon Drama and Lies...


5. More Drama and Lies

We went back to Sam's house which was also Acacia's but we went into his bedroom


"Come in" Said Sam

Acacia walked in and saw me

"What the fuck are YOU doing here" She asked rudley

"Im here bec-" Sam cut me off

"She is here because she is my bestfriend" he smirked

"Sam can we t-" He cut her off

"Acacia get out" he smirked 

she walked out

we laughed

I decided Niall needed payback 

i knew the boys hated Acacia so i text them a picture of Niall and Acacia kissing.

me and same left holding hands  

then the boys ran up to us

"is this for real" Harry asked

"Yupperes" i smiled

"Why arnt you sad" Asked Liam

"Cozh i dont care" i said

"Okay Sama gotta go"They said


"Sama?" asked Sam

"Nickname" i said

Me and Sam wlked into the Cubby

it ws alredy 8pm so we watched movies and went to sleep.

-skipping 2 days-

i woke up wrapped in Sam's arms.

he kissed me

i got up and got changed

(we moved in here)

Me and Sam hadnt told anyone about us.

Him and Acacia broke up

me and Niall were never together so idk what to do there but i am talking to him 2day

me and sam went down to the peer then Niall and Acacia showed up and came up to us 

"ew its the whore" i said to acacia

i saw tears in her eyes and smiled t my work.

"Sama cn we talk" Said Niall

"yes but dont call me Sama" i said 

we went over a bit away from them to

"whats going on with you and sam" He asked

"whats going on with you and Acacia" i smirked

"i hate when you do that" he said

"and i hate you"  i said

"No you dont" he replied

"how would you know, yes i hate you and i have a rite to" i said

"yes you do but we can still be friends" he smiled hopefully

"are you fucking kidding me, NO WE CANT! you kinda cheated on me, you kissed me then kissed her told me you loved me then did the same thing to her! WHAT EVER WE HAD IS OVER AND OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OVER! I cant even look at you" I scremaed nd ran off

"Sama, Please" he yelled fter me

i ran to the tree house

i looked off the balcony and seen Sam coming up the eleavator.

"Sama are you oky" he asked

"Yeah" lied

he pulled me in for a hug

"I love you Sama" he said

"I love you Samy" i said.

it was only 11 in the morning so we watched movies all day, that night there was a party.

me and sam went together. when we got there i went to get us drinks Pepsi to be exact.

I then saw Acacia walk in i decided to be a major bitch, i started walking towards her then niall walked up next to her Even BETTER! i walked over ti them and fake tripped and pored oure drinks all over them

"AH WHAT THE FUCK" She Screamed 

"opps i tripped" lieddd

i walked off and got alot of high-fives and "awesome works" i was halarius after that to my surprise, Sam picked me up and kisseed me

We left the party and went to the lake.

then Niall and Acacia came 

"WHORE" i scremaed out 

"You fucking bitch Samadhi, you did this on purpose"  she said gesturing to the dress

"So what if i did" i smirked

"Your such a bitch" She said

"You fucking slut"i walked passed her purposly bumping her so she feel in the water

me and Sam went back to the cubby and went to to bed.



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