Way to much drama

Samadhi goes way on a Summer Camp, just to come upon Drama and Lies...


2. Getting Ready For Camp

I woke up to the sounds of  'Give Your Heart A Break' by Demi Lovato coming from my alarm clock. I got up and stopped it. I went over and opened my curtains and looked out at the city lights.

Wondering why im getting up while its still dark?

Well its 4am and im getting up because im going to summer camp. luckily its not in the city, trust me i love the city but its good to get away.

"Samadhi" My mother asked

"yes mother im up" i said

"Okay hun get dressed, We are leaving in 30 Minutes" she said

"Okay Mother" i said walking over to my closet

What Should I Wear?

After about 10 minutes i finally picked out, My Black Skinny Jeans what have zips at the bottom, a white singlet, my OBEY jumper, my OBEY snapback and my White addidas high tops. I grabbed my suitecases and my OBEY Backpack, I then grabbed my Long Board and Bantam board and walked out to my Mother

"Okay Hun go get in the car" She said 

"yes mother" i said and walked out to the car

i got in and sat in the front seat

She came in the car and drove to the bus stop, i got out without saying goodbye to my mother i jumped on the bus and jumped in a seat. 

"Is this seat taken" i heard a voice

i looked up and saw a really cute guy 

"Oh no, its free" i smiled

He sat down 

"Niall" he smiled

"Samadhi" i smiled back

"Cute name"

oh my god he is irish!

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