Way to much drama

Samadhi goes way on a Summer Camp, just to come upon Drama and Lies...


7. 2 days later (last day)

The last two days went extremly quick and it was time for them to leave so we all lined up in NYC line (Kian is moving in with Sam) 

Acacia came over to us "Um you guys live in Cali" She said to Sam, Kian and Adam

"Not anymore whore" They all said in unision.

"Ksha can we talk" Said Niall

"Sure" she replied happily

They went off for around about 5 minutes 

When they came back Acacia was running off crying going over to the Cali bus Stop.

"What happned" Asked Hazza

"I Dumped her" Said Niall looking down 

"Finally got some sence" I joked

Everyone laughed including Nialler.

Our bus pulled up and we all sat on the second floor (everyone from NYC on this bus are rich bitchez so our pearnts payed for a really good bus)

we all sat up the very back area. 

We had to be on the bus for 18 freken hours so we needed some fun. 

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