OneDirection Fanfic

Hi! I'm new and I will be writing a lot of your favourite types of love stories but this one is different. My brother wanted to write a story so I let him use this account. BUT DON'T WORRY! It's only for the first chapter! The rest of the chapters shall be a 1D love story. Sorry but I do have another account so I won't really get to update this book as often. Thanks!


1. Meet the crew


Optimus Prime went out to fight Megatron while I'm here drinking me some beer because it's my day off work. The team were also fighting Starscreen and Radjet was taking care of the kids. The  others had just come back but Megatron and Optimus Prime were still fighting. After 10 minutes, Optimus finally came back and told us some good news! "Megatron has finally been defeated after years of fighting! I met these new bots that helped me defeat Megatron." Optimus Prime exclaimed. 

We were all happy after that and succeeded every other battlle.



Haha! That was a joke, the rest of the chapters will be a real story!! The love stories you have a passion to read!

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