Valentines Day

This a short story about a girl and Liam on Valentines day! And please like comment and fan! :) Xxx DayDreamer.


1. Valentines Day! :)

I woke up and started to look around for Liam but he wasn't he where could he be? I waited a few minutes but then I caught the smell of bacon that was when I realised it was valentines day. Oh no I thought to myself I haven't got anything to Liam, he'll be so upset. I'll probably just make up something about it's more personal if I say it straight to him or something(Hehe).  A few seconds later he walked in a big tray full of food there was bacon, bread, butter, hot chocolate, pancakes etc, he's the best boyfriend  ever! "Happy Valentines Day" I said to him as he climbed back in bed and gave me a hug and whispered "Happy Valentines Day" in my ear. Looking over his shoulder I noticed a card and present. I didn't want the hug to end so I whispered in his ear "Will you be my Valentine?"

A second Later he replied "Of course I will"

I was happy at this reply but I don't know if he's expecting a present or card from me still. Suddenly he pulled away from the hug and handed me the card and present, it was only a small present since it fitted in my hand. First I opened the card it said: To Molly my Valentine

Happy Valentines Day

LOVE YOU Liam x.

The card was so amazing it was a me to you one and they were hugging. So I grabbed Liam in for a kiss. Then I opened my present it was a pandora bracelet with an engraved bead on it it said Liam+Molly Forever, in some fancy writing. It had gold writing with a shiny red background, the rest of the rest of the beads were red and gold with patterns on them. I put it on to see how nice it looked and hugged Liam again and said "Thank you!" I really meant it since I forgot to get a present for him.

After a nice long hug I went to get a shower like Liam told me to, once I came out he was dressed. So automatically I started rushing to get ready so I pulled on my jeans and a t-shirt and started drying my hair with my hairdryer. Once I brushed it Liam pulled me towards him by my arm and carried me outside the house. "Liam I haven't got any shoes on nor do I have a jumper on!" I complained at him but he just said "You can have my jumper and I'm carrying you." 

"Where are we going?" I asked

"You'll see"

Liam then walked into the park and sat down on the bench with me on his lap. All a sudden he popped me on the bench and turned around to face me on one knee and then he said the magic words "Will you marry me Molly Cunningham?" I was so excited I might scream but I just smiled and jumped on him making him lay on the floor "Of course I will, I LOVE YOU!!!"

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