Direction Diary 99

This story is based on a girls typical teenager life. This is full of fantastic tales and things that get to girls. The main characters name is Ashley. (Ash) she loves 1D and this is her Diary! I hope you enjoy my book! Thanks very much! Xx Tayxx


2. Who are you?

Niall's P.O.V.

*beep beep beep* I smacked my alarm clock off and got dressed. I ate breakfast and put on my joggers. I went for my usual morning walk. I made it to the park when I decided I should go visit the cave. I hadn't been there for a while. I jumped through a gap and followed the trail into the entrance. I walked in to the cave and to my surprise I found a girl laying down asleep on the rock. How did she know about this place? Do I know her? How did she get in? Why is she here? I walked up to the girl. Tapped her on the shoulder, "excuse me?" She frowned and jumped a bit then sighed. I wonder why? "Hello" she said sitting up. She rubbed her hers, they were red. "Hello, my names Niall, who are you?" "Oh, my name is Taylor" she smiled and shook my hand. She looked cold and started shaking. "Are you cold?" I asked. she nodded. I took off my jumper and handed it to her. "No I can't take this" "your cold, take it" I replied. She put on the jumper. "Thank you". "Your welcome beautiful, how did you find out about this cave?" I asked. "My mum found this place with her friends, she took me here everyday until she passed away". I felt so bad. "I'm so sorry" I sat down next to her. "It's ok" "so how come your here?" I asked her. "I ran away" she replied. I was shocked. "Why?" "Because my mums boyfriend David abuses me and I've had enough, he doesn't know about this place, but I know he will find me one day" I looked at her shocked. I really didn't know what to say with all these mixed emotions inside of me. 

"Have you got anywhere to stay?" "We'll I'm planning to stay here" "impossible! You can't live here!" "It's not like I have anywhere to go anyway". "Stay with me, I'll take care of you and I'll protect you from David" "are you sure?" "Of course! My mum won't care she knew your mother! She would love to see you!" "Thank you so much !" She boasted giving me a warm hug. "Anytime lets go home and settle down, I'll show you your room and then we'll chill" "sounds great!" 


Taylor's P.O.V.

We started walking to Niall's place. It took a while. I kept my eye out. We finally made it to his house. It's was so huge! My draw dropped. "Your house is so huge!, are you rich or what?" "Yeah kinda, I guess" he replied. We walked in but it just got better. Beautiful white stairs, chandelier, beautiful floral prints and portraits. I gasped at its beauty. Just then a woman walked out of the kitchen. I stood next to Niall as he introduced me, "Tay this mum, Mum this is Beka's daughter!" His mum gasped and pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek. Hands placed on my shoulders; "your so much like your mother!" She boasted. I smiled, "Thank you" "anyway how is she going?" "Mummmm" "what?" "Well actually she passed away" I said. Her face sunk. Tears streaming. "No! I'm so sorry!" "It's ok". "Come on Tay I'll show ya your room" I nodded in agreement and followed Niall up stairs to my room. "Woah! It's amazing! A walk in robe! A bathroom!" Niall smiled. "Welcome home! It's all yours now!" "I can't believe this!! Thanks a million!" "Anytime love" he smiled. He pulled me into a tight long hug. I loved it. It was warm and made me feel protected. "Hey Niall let's catch up, get to now each other more now I live with you" "sure" he laughed. We sat down on my new bed and chatted away. "So what are you doing now?" I asked him. "You don't know?" I shook my head.  "We'll I'm currently in a band named One Direction. There are five of us, Harry, Louis,Liam,Zayn and me!" He boasted. "Wow! I never knew, how is it?" "It's really fun, I get to be myself, have fun and live my dream" he smiled. "That's sounds amazing!" I replied. "Maybe tomorrow we can go to the beach and you can meet the boys yeah?" He said. "Sure sounds awesome!" I couldn't wait to meet these boys he was talking about. I hope they like me and we become great friends. "DINNER!" Niall's mum yelled, "Niall, Taylor". We raced down stairs. 


After dinner we had showers and went straight to sleep. Walking to Niall's from the cave was pretty far! Niall's amazing. I'm so glad he found me. I wouldn't be here. Meeting people. Making new friends. Finding my mums old friend. Everything. Niall's cute. I think I like him. He's funny and caring. Before I knew I was in a deep sleep dreaming about what Would happen tomorrow. 

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