Direction Diary 99

This story is based on a girls typical teenager life. This is full of fantastic tales and things that get to girls. The main characters name is Ashley. (Ash) she loves 1D and this is her Diary! I hope you enjoy my book! Thanks very much! Xx Tayxx


1. Gone....

"NO STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" My heart pumped as I ran out the door. Grabbing my phone and purse with me. A rush of adrenaline shot through me. I ran faster.... I took a secret path to a cave my mum and her friends found. No one else but them and obviously their sons and daughters no it. I ran into the cave. Clutching my chest. Panting heavily. I hated him. His name is David. My mums boy friend. He hates me and I hate him. He tries to do things to me no girl wants to experience ever. I got my chance to run. Finally. I'm gone. Never going back. After my mum had cancer and passed away. He changed. I changed. I sat on a rock and thought. Why did I deserve this? Why me?


i thought to myself.  Where will I go now? What will I eat? Drink? Shower? Am I ever going to get back on track? I sighed. Could my life possibly get any worse? I checked the time on my iPhone. It was getting dark. My belly ached and rumbled. I needed food.  

I slowly breathed thinking why and how am I still alive? I lay wreck less on the large rock. I cried as I slowly drifted into sleep. 


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