will you be my valentine (Larry stylinson)

This fanfic is about Harry and Louis. Two boys who are pretty single hope they find a girl that will change there lives.They end up having "the times of there lives". (Not really). Until Louis expresses his love for Harry on top of the Eiffel tower...


1. Valentine


“Hi,” Louis said softly, a wide grin on his face as he rested on his knees next to Harry’s side.

Harry twisted on the bed looking to the alarm clock that was on the bedside table.

“Lou,” he groaned, letting his head fall back on the bed. “It’s only seven.”

“But you've got to wake up,” Louis said standing up on the bed and beginning to bounce. “Come on! You remember what today is, don’t you?”

“One of the rare days we can sleep in?” Harry said covering his mouth as he yawned loudly.

“Well, yeah that. But it’s also Valentine’s Day!”

“Right,” the younger boy sighed. “The day of paper hearts, chocolate, and flowers. The day also known as SAD, Singles Awareness Day. Thanks for waking me up early for that, much appreciated,” Harry rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on! Quit the brooding and dramatics. Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with people you love and, since we’re in Paris, we ought to celebrate together!”

“How sweet,” Harry said running a hand through his curls and pushing himself up on the bed so that his back rested against the headboard. “And you couldn't let me sleep in at least another hour before feeling the need to wake me up?” he asked.

“Nope because you've got to get ready and come with me. I've got something I want to show you,” Louis said, climbing off of the bed and heading towards Harry’s suitcase. He began throwing clothes at the younger boy motioning for Harry to begin dressing.

“Fine,” Harry sighed, throwing off the covers and quickly dressing. He then went into the bathroom, brushing his teeth and allowing himself a moment to get wrapped in his thoughts.

He really had no idea where Louis wanted to take him, though he couldn’t deny that his stomach was fluttering in excitement. He loved spending time with Louis. Loved it. The older boy always understood him so well and proved to be the easiest person for him to talk to. They had clicked from the moment they met on X Factor. Louis was so easy-going, funny, caring, sweet… Harry stopped his thoughts, not wanting to get his stomach twisted in that excitement that came whenever he thought of his best friend. Because really, that’s all that they were- best friends.

And Harry frickin hated it.

Try as hard as he might, like by spending time with Caroline Flack or other girls, Harry was unable to get his best friend off of his mind. Perhaps that had been one of the reasons he was a little hesitant to spend time on the day devoted to love with Louis.

“I’m pretty sure you’re teeth are clean by now,” Louis said, and Harry glanced up and into the mirror to see Louis standing in the doorway watching him.

Leaning his head over the sink, he spit out the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth.

“Just wanted my mouth to be extra clean for you,” he finally replied, shooting Louis a smile.

“ Aren't you a darling,” Louis said, before walking into the bathroom and grabbing Harry’s hand pulling him along. “Now let’s go!”

Harry let out a noise when Louis continued to drag him and they were practically out the door. Reaching his free hand out, he gripped the frame of the door.

“Wait! My wallet! My phone!” he said, before Louis could pull him entirely out of the room.

“You won’t need it,” Louis replied, giving Harry’s arm a gentle tug, though the younger boy refused to let go of the door frame.

“But Louis-”

“No buts,” Louis said, reaching out his other hand and tickling underneath Harry’s arm, effectively getting him to release the door frame. “At least, not quite yet.”

Harry wasn't sure what to think of Louis’ comment, though the way that Harry’s mind had warped the statement, he had flushed lightly.

He continued to follow Louis through the hallway, into the elevator, and then towards the back of the hotel.

“What about security?” Harry asked as they snuck out the back and avoided the swarm of fans that were constantly gathered outside the front.

“We’ll only be an hour. They won’t even know we’re missing,” Louis said.

Harry really wished he had taken his phone. Paul would throw a bitch fit if he attempted to contact them.

They quietly made their way down the street, which was slowly coming to life as the day began. Harry knew that Paris was a beautiful city, though Paris at dawn was something even more lovely to him as the sky was beginning to lighten and fog hovered the streets. 

“Alright, now stop here,” Louis said, coming to a complete halt and pulling something out of his pocket.

“What the hell is that?” Harry asked, looking at the blindfold.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what a blindfold is.”

Harry rolled his eyes while saying, “That’s not what I meant. I meant, what’s it for.”

“Well for many things!

“Louis,” Harry interrupted. “I meant, why are you blindfolding me. Do I have to spell it out?”

Louis let out a light laugh.

“Obviously it’s a surprise Haz. Just go with it,” Louis said twirling his finger and motioning for Harry to turn around.

Harry turned obediently, closing his eyes while Louis placed the blindfold over his eyes. He bit his lip while Louis’ fingers tied it tightly, rather missing being able to his see his best friend.

“Can you see me?” he heard Louis ask from somewhere at his right.


“Really? What am I doing?”

“I dunno. Waving?” he tried, saying the first thing that came to mind.

“Dammit! You can see! I’ll have to tighten it.”

“No, Louis,” he said quickly. “I seriously can’t see. I just figured waving was the obvious thing that you’d be doing.”

“You swear?” Louis demanded.

“I swear!”

“Alright. Then I’m going to lead you to where we’re going. Trust me.”

Harry felt Louis’ hand reach down to grab his own and he carefully began to walk while being tugged along. It was rather difficult, especially because his balance was completely off with not being able to see.

“This better be good,” Harry mumbled.

“It is, promise!” Louis replied cheerfully. “Now, watch your step down.”

Harry winced, not sure how big of a step it was going to be. He took much too small and stumbled, nearly falling until Louis’ hands reached out and grabbed his shoulders.

“All good?” Harry heard Louis ask softly, his voice so close and Harry knowing that Louis was practically pressed against him.

He nodded in reply, not quite trusting his own voice to respond.

“Okay. We’re nearly there. Promise.”

They continued walking, Louis doing a much more careful job with guiding Harry.

“Okay, now this is going to feel weird since you’re blindfolded, but you’ll be able to take it off in a minute,” Louis said.

Harry frowned, not sure what was going to feel weird, but the sound of a ‘ding’ soon sounded and Louis gently pushed him forward. Another ‘ding’ and then there was this odd feeling, almost like he was kind of flying. It took him a moment to place the feeling and before he could really realize what it was, a third ‘ding’ sounded and Louis was pushing him gently again.

“Alright,” Louis said, and Harry felt his friend’s fingers taking off the blindfold.

Blinking as his eyes adjusted to the light, his breath caught when he realized that they were on top of the Eiffel Tower, the city below lighting as the sun began to rise.

“Lou,” he breathed, feeling his heart squeeze with pure affection for his friend when he realized that Louis had clearly carefully planned taking him here to see the sunrise. “This is… this is amazing,” he murmured.

With the smallest amount of reluctance, Harry took his eyes off of the city below and looked over to his friend, taking in the almost bashful smile on his face.

“I just… wanted to take you here I don’t know,” Louis said, almost in eloquently as if words were failing him in that moment.

“I’m glad you did,” Harry said softly.

Harry turned his attention back to the city, taking in how breathtaking it looked with the sun rising.

“Harry?” Louis began, almost hesitantly and gaining Harry’s attention again.

“Hmm?” Harry prompted, turning his gaze back to Louis.

“I just…when I said that Valentine’s Day was about spending time with people you love, well…I really meant that, because you mean everything to me. I don’t know what life would be like without you and you’re my best friend,” Louis said in a slight rush. “And I… no matter what, we’re friends. Right?”

Harry frowned, beginning to get confused.

Will you be my valentine? Louis asked.

“Of course Louis. Always,” he answered.

“Okay,” Louis breathed. “I… the reason that Eleanor and I broke up wasn't because of our crazy schedules.”

Harry’s frown deepened as he processed what Louis was saying.

“Err, what?” he said, blinking a few times for he really wasn't connecting the pieces in his head as to whatever Louis was getting at.

“There’s…there’s someone else. There’s been someone else for a while, but I’ve been too scared to do anything about it or admit it to myself.”

Harry’s eyes widened, for he hadn’t known that Louis was interested in another girl. His stomach churned uncomfortably at the thought, but he forced a supportive smile on his face.

“Well, that’s a good reason for breaking up then. And I’m sure this other girl feels the same. How could she not,” Harry pointed out. “She’d be an idiot to not fancy you.”

He watched as Louis exhaled slowly and looked out at the city for a moment.

“It’s not a girl,” Louis said finally, meeting Harry’s eye with a pointed look.

Harry’s eyes widened at what Louis was implying, finally putting two and two together.

“Oh,” he breathed, a smile quickly growing on his face. “Yeah?” he asked, not having to even say the question. That’s how he and Louis were though. Simple words and simple glances held so much meaning, and they were able to decipher what each other meant easily.

“Yeah,” Louis replied, a tentative smile on his face.

Harry reached a hand out, intertwining his fingers with Louis’.

“Well, I can assure you that this person definitely feels the same. You've got nothing to worry about.”

“What a relief,” Louis said with a playful sigh.

It was Harry’s turn to pull and lead Louis gently, moving the older boy so that they were closer together. Looking into his friend’s blue eyes for a few seconds, he then shifted forward that slight bit so that their lips met for an almost cautious kiss. It was almost timid the way they were kissing, but still amazing and perfect.

Pulling back, Harry smiled at Louis before saying “Oh, and Lou? I love you too.”

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