Will You Be My One Thing?

this is a one-shot i wrote so i hope you enjoy!!!


1. I Love You

Allisa's POV


I sit down on the bench out side of the fanciest resturant in town, waiting for my boyfriend. Its freezing and all i'm wearing is a short dress and a shall, I wasn't expecting to wait this long. I glance at my watch, its been half an hour and he still hasn't showed up. I then get a text from my boyfriend:

hey sorry it had to be Valentines Day, but I can't make it i'm with another girl, I hope we can still be friends!

By the time i'm done reading it the text tears are streaming down my face and through the reflection in my phone I can see I look like a monster with mascara all over my face and my lips are basically blue from waiting outside. I run to the park that's a block away and take a left and run down a pathway that leads to a secluded lake.

I grab the promise ring my now ex-boyfriend gave me off my finger and hold on to it so tight I can feel it making a circle in the palm of my hand. "Promises were made to be broken," I utter as I throw it in the lake. I sit there tears running down my face.

I place my hands on the ground searching for something sharp, I find a jagged rock. I kneel there and as I place the rock to my skin I start muttering a reason why i'm not worth this life, and with each reason comes each drop of scarlett blood into the lake.

I'm about to make another scar another reason to not be living when I hear a noise. It sounds like the rustiling of leaves. "Is anyone there? Hello?" I ask into the darkness and out steps into the moonlight a boy with dirty blonde hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and the most adorable crooked smile.

"Please don't do that, your beautiful, and it's Valentines Day, what's wrong?" he asks, I notice he has an adorable Irish accent.

"My boyfriend blew me off by text, telling me we're over because he's cheating on me, i'm obviously not worth love." I tell him everything because I feel like I can trust him even though I just met him.

"Well he wasn't worth your love, any man who does that to a girl, especially one as gorgeous as you isn't worth anyone's love! The names Niall by the way." Niall says.

"Thanks, i'm Allisa," I reply, I enjoy talking to Niall he makes me feel special and actually worth something, but he'll probably just leave like my ex. Then my stomach growls and Niall notices it.

"Have you eaten anything yet?" he asks.

"No, it's not a big deal though," I reply

He grabs my hand and drags me to a resturant across the street, it's my favorite, NANDOS!!!! He pulls me into a booth and we sit down.

"Have you ever been here before?" he wonders seeming strangely anxious.

"Only like a million times!" I say just as excited.

The waiter comes and takes our order, not to long after, our food comes. I dig in before realizing Niall doesn't know about me being a major foodie. I look up at him hoping he's not disgusted, when I see he's doing the same thing. I finish my food and i'm about to pay the bill when Niall grabs it out of my hand.

"My treat!' he tells me with a smirk.

"Fine!" I say with a wink.

"Really? I expected more of an arguement!" he frowns.

"Your not gonna see me argueing when I get my dinner free!" I explain.

He just laughs, oh no, he has one of those contagious laughs. I start laughing too and soon we're in pain from laughing so much, it feels good to finally laugh, minus my side hurting. We get outside and I start walking towards my house. Niall stops me...

"Need a ride?" he asks.

"No," I say "Thank you though."

"Can I at least have your number?" he asks.

I know what I want to say and I know what I have to say.

"No, sorry but I can't be involved with anything until I can trust you." it is hard to say.

I start to walk away again when I hear Niall call after me.

"You can trust me because I would never be able to live with myself if I hurt you, and I just met you but i'm already head over heals for you, I love you.

I stop in my tracks and spin around, I walk back over to him and kiss him, it's a passionate kiss and I can feel the sparks like there's fireworks in my mouth. When we finally pull away we lean our foreheads together.

"Niall, I have a confession to make, I love you too."

"Allisa, I also have a confession, i'm glad you love me for me because i'm kind of famous."


"I'm 1/5 of one of the biggest boybands in the world right now, One Direction, I hope this doesn't change how you feel."

"Of course not, it only makes it better!"


"More people get to know what love really should look like, us."

"Allison, your are an amazing person, and the one thing i've been looking for my whole life, will you be my valentine?"



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