Fifty shades of Harry

Read the first chapter to find out :) ages 15 and up


1. Prologue

"Harry..." I sighed as he pressed into me. "Say it." Harry said with a possessive and demeaning voice. I held back my moan as he placed his lips beneath my jaw. He lightly nibbled and grazed his teeth at the sensitive spot from where he was. "Bryana...say it." He growled at me. I moaned at how sexy it was. I didn't say anything. He grew more aggravated and closed whatever space there was between us and pressed his lower body against mine. He slowly grinded into me earning a low sigh to escape my lips. He puts his hand behind my neck to pull me closer to his face as I could feel his breath against my lips. I daringly open my eyes to see harry looking intently at me with his dark, lustful green eyes burning into mine. I couldn't breathe... They were so intimidating and yet so beautiful. I couldn't move, my breathing is rapidly speeding up by the second by his gaze on me. I gasp as Harry slowly puts his hands under my shirt tracing my back dimples. I moan once again enjoying the incredible sensation. He smirks against my lips... "Say it." Harry asks again. I was about to speak when he suddenly kisses me hungrily. He licks my bottom lip for entrance by I keep my mouth shut. All of a sudden his large hands grabs my butt and I gasp as he takes this to his advantage and puts his tongue in my mouth. He tasted of fresh mint. He slows down and he pulls away from me as I have his curly hair tangled in my hands. "Bryana..." He whispers as his forehead is against mine. "I'm yours Harry." Finally saying the words he wanted me to say.
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