This isn't really a story it's more like a bunch of mini story put together
Enter ur name and wat u want the story to be about in one word like love or baby or marriage blah blah blah


2. Help

"seems like everyone's got a price I wonder......" I stopped as soon as I heard someone walk in "nice singing u might be famous one day u know" omfg is that Justin bieber no it can't be. "Um are u Justin bieber?" I asked him "na dah why do u think I'm here?" why is he here? "why r u here????" "oh don't u know I'm here to sign u up for a record deal!!" he said " WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Did u just say record deal???!!!" I squealed "yeah I did" omg im gonna be famous.... I think

This is not writing from the chapter I'm finishing the book on a different page ok so dont get upset just gone on holiday no Internet
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