Here For You ~Jelena Love Story~

Selena is your typical average American Teenage girl, She enjoys going out with friends, Watching movies, Singing, Dancing. Selena is very insecure about herself, She believes every negative thing that someone says about her. But, When Teen Pop Sensation Justin Bieber moves to her school everything changes.


1. First Day.

~Selena's POV~


As my alarm went off, I woke up. I slowly rubbed my eyes open.I could hear my 2 year older sister, Lucy (Hale,But Just pretend She's Gomez. c:) calling my name from downstairs.


I got up from my bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen where Lucy was sitting near the counter top eating her breakfast. "What?" I asked. "Hurry up. We have to leave in 15 minutes." she said. I sighed and went back upstairs into my room and changed into some black jeans and My gray sweatshirt that had the word 'DOPE' on it. I went to the washroom and brushed my teeth, I applied a small amount of makeup and decided to put on my Converse sneakers, after that I went downstairs.

"Are you ready?" Lucy asked. I nodded my head, after a few minutes we were out the door.

~At School~

I opened the door from Lucy's car as soon as she pulled over, and head over to one of my friends.Demi(Lovato), I tapped her on the shoulder. As she turned around she smiled and waved. Demi was always shy, She really didn't talk much.

~Justin's POV~

Why did I have to move to a New School?

Why did it have to be in Los Angeles?

Why can't I have any of my friends here?

A bunch of questions ran through out my head yet no answers. 

I looked at my mom and said "Why?"She looked at me confused. "Why mom!? Why? Why do I have to go to some different school where I don't even know anyone. Why can't I be back in Georgia? With my friends!?

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