New Life (2)

Harry Styles tries to come to terms with the death of his girlfriend, and flute player in the band, Leah.


2. No

Harry's Point of View

“Noo….” My voice was barely audible. “No!” I turned around, opened the door and ran out of the hospital. Tears freely streamed down my face. I could have saved Leah’s life. I could’ve. But I didn’t. Why didn’t they tell me that before? Leah was dead because of me… because of me…

Out of the hospital, I found a semi-private spot with trees and a bench. I sat on the bench, and put my head on my hands. This couldn’t be happening….

I dug my fingernails deep into my skin, leaving marks. I didn’t care.

Leah’s life ended short, when I could have helped her… I could’ve helped her…


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