New Life (2)

Harry Styles tries to come to terms with the death of his girlfriend, and flute player in the band, Leah.


3. Finding Harry

Liam's Point of View

The doctor said I wouldn't have been able to donate my marrow, but he said Harry would have. I instantly felt his dispair.

"Thank you for doing everything that you did," I said, not letting myself cry before leaving the room and going to find Harry. I absolutly had no clue where he would be, so I walked around the hospital grounds, looking in every nook and cranny. There weren't that many people outside, and those we were happened to be either smoking or had a sober look on their face.

It was a depressing sight, to be honest. I remembered that during the last days of Leahs life Zayn was always found at the back of the hospital, the part which was a dump, but it was the only place where there no fans.

Harry suddenly came to my view, he was sitting on a bench, his head down, tears streaming. He was silently shaking.

"Hey Harry," I quietly sat beside him and gave him a sidehug. "It's okay."

He didn't asnwer.

I sat with him for a few more minutes before looking at my watch. I didn't want to tell Harry that it was time, but I had to. "Harry, we have to leave for America in a few hours." My voice got caught, so it was squeeky. We were going to go to America for Leah's funeral, and stay there with her friends and family for a week, before coming back to London.

"Okay..." Slowly Harry's head rose, revealing red, puffy eyes. "Lets go." I helped him get up, and we slowly made our way back to my car.

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