New Life (2)

Harry Styles tries to come to terms with the death of his girlfriend, and flute player in the band, Leah.


6. Brainstorm

Liam’s Point of View

Harry went to bed early, so the rest of the boys and I stayed up. We were all worried sick about Harry. About his mental and physical health. For his safety.

“I don’t know what to do,” I shook my head. I never had a situation like this before. No one I had known had died before Leah; there were a few exceptions, like my granny’s best friend, who had died when I was young. It wasn’t like I knew him though, but it affected my life. The thing was, I didn’t see Granny going around as Harry, seeing her best friend in places.

“I’m worried for his safety. What if he thinks someone else is Leah next time, and he gets himself hurt?” Niall pondered out loud. “Do you think he can handle the tour with us, or should we tell him to go home and get some help?”

“Niall,” Zayn said. “You know what Harry is like. He won’t go home; he loves his fans too much. It would kill him to be away from us, since we are really the only support he has. We’re the only ones who knew they were in a relationship.”

We all nodded in agreement. Maybe if Leah had gotten better, it would have been publicised and more curiosity, but Leah was just new. In fact, she had barely gotten a chance to show herself to all of the fans. She had hardly traveled with us, and the rest of the world missed out on how magical she made Moments sound…

I stared past Niall, who was sitting on the worn, hotel couch, and past the grey wall. I looked to the past, when I had first seen her. She was totally surprised, and overwhelmed about us being there.

That first time we sung Moments together, we knew it clicked. Right from the start. We knew she was meant to be in the band. But now? Who could ever replace Leah? No one. No one ever could.  

“How about if he went to see a therapist?” Louis asked. “I know it sounds weird, but it might actually help.”

I thought for a moment, we all thought and then agreed it was the best idea. We would hire someone to come on the road with us and help Harry.


Authors Note

Sorry for not updating in a while!!! I’ve been very busy!!

Anyway… as you have read above Harry is going to get someone to talk to about his feelings. I just don’t have a character for that yet. Who wants to help Harry? Just put down your name and what you look like if you’re interested of being part of this story!

Also, how do you all like it?

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