New Life (2)

Harry Styles tries to come to terms with the death of his girlfriend, and flute player in the band, Leah.


4. Before the Concert

Niall’s Point of View

It had been a month since the funeral, and Harry’s depressed state was evident. In the interviews he didn’t say a word; he just stared off into space. He hadn’t smiled in ages and he kept staring at pictures of Leah and him. What was the saddest was that he made no attempt to hide the cut marks on his arms and wrists. Everyone knew that he cut. It was no secret.

Now, as we were getting ready for our first concert since Leah’s death, I looked over at Harry in the corner. He was picking at the scars on his arms, since management had taken the blades away from him. I wasn’t going to intervene though, or he’d get mad at me.

“You ready?” I looked behind to see Zayn whisper in my ear.

“Uhh… yeah…” I looked in the mirror again and pulled my fingers through my hair, before attaching the sound system properly. It wasn’t the easiest task in the world, so Zayn helped me clip it on to the back of my pants. I pulled my shirt on over top, and then quickly put in my in-ears.

“I’ll tell Harry,” Zayn said before slowly walking over to the corner Harry was in. He crouched down beside him, and talked in a hushed voice. I got a few Band-Aids while waiting for Harry to agree, so the blood wouldn’t stain his blazer he was going to wear.

I watched as Harry slowly nodded his head, and Zayn helped him up. I put the Band-Aids on Harry, and Zayn helped Harry with the sound system before we walked him backstage where Louis and Liam were goofing off.

“You boys ready?” Paul asked, coming up to us. We nodded in unison, since it was useless to try and talk over the already deafening screams of the ecstatic girls. “Okay… you boys have one minute.”

That meant that the countdown screen was put on, and the screams rapidly got louder. We ran on the stage when Paul nodded his head to confirm. The crowd went wild. I was the first one that was on the stage, so as I took my place for the song, I turned my head to see Harry who was trying his best to look happy.

Our first song was Over Again, and then we would sing What Makes You Beautiful and a few more upbeat songs before we got to Moments and Little Things. For these songs, we weren’t even sure if Harry would be able to sing them.

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