New Life (2)

Harry Styles tries to come to terms with the death of his girlfriend, and flute player in the band, Leah.


1. Sadness

Harry's Point of View

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. I couldn’t find the strength to get out of bed, and tears ceased to run. I couldn’t watch TV, because if her favorite show came on, I would burst into tears. I missed her more than words could describe. Leah was going to be mine. I had planned to marry her… I wanted to have kids her. She would’ve come on tour with us, and then we could retire together. My life with Leah was all planned… until yesterday.

The beeping of the machine going blank still rang in my ears. The walk from the hospital was a blur, as Liam had wordlessly driven me here, and then went back to his house to spend the night. I leaned over, trying to get over the many pillows and blankets I was stuck in between so I could reach for my phone, and see the time.

I took it off of its dock, and pressed it on. The lock screen picture brought me to tears, as it was of Leah and me after the day of promoting our newest campaign on TV. The bone marrow one… the one that never got launched quickly enough.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the front door. Who could it be? Didn’t anyone know? It was most likely some annoying fan. I took a blanket and covered myself and went to open the door. No. It was Liam standing there. He hadn’t an emotion written on his face. He looked as sad as I.

“Harry… the doctors have our bone marrow tests done,” Liam softly said.

Tears suddenly came to my eyes. “Okay… let me get dressed.” I quickly threw on a pair of pants and a tee shirt before leaving with Liam. The drive to the hospital was silent, as we were both crying. I started to tense up though, as we entered the hospital and went up to the floor where Leah was staying. We were quickly handed over to the doctor. I went in first.

“So??” I didn’t sit down, except I stood by the door, my hand on its handle.

“Harry… I’m sorry…” he slowly shook his head. “Your bone marrow matched with Leah’s…”



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