Divine Thought

The Ultimate.Absolute God


1. God


Divine Thought


The Absolute Essence
Unknown, Unconditional, 
Abstract, Impersonal;
Never born, never perished
The eternal existence in bliss.

No beginning, no end,
No light, no darkness;
Absolute stillness, 
Nothing that can be given a name to IT.

Neither spirit nor matter but both;
The only one, none to compare,
None to attribute;
Inconceivable to human intellect.

"But the root of everything
And the measure of all things"

Visualized by sages
Meditated by mature minds;
Wisdom accumulated through ages
By great masters;

Neither this nor that
One homogeneous divine;
One radical cause,
The ever existence-
Invincible, Inexplicable,
Unknown deity: says the 'Secret Doctrine'

"IT has made ITSELF

In IT is the universe,
From IT is the universe,
IT is the universe.

Single to several
The supreme soul.

Nothing to everything,
Everything to nothing;
Non being to being
Being to non being.

An awakening in the stillness
A stir, a throb, a breath, 
A deep sigh, pulsating 
A divine thought "I".

The seed "I" sprouted
Many a "I"
In the infinite field,
The yield, in multitude.

The story of creation
A silent process of variation;
Unfolded from unity of unities:
Sprung a whole cosmos 
From a divine thought.

Latent to manifested,
Unit to magnitude
And subtle to gross.

Hidden and rested in IT's womb,
The worlds in an unborn state
Manifested the Ancient Most:
Myraid of forms and names.

Supreme soul pervading,
Cosmic conscious stretching;
His Grace entered everything
In Good and Bad.

Yet, the Absolute exists untouched,
A mere spectator of His sport.

But latent in every atom
Is His love,
If only the spirit can sense;
Every part of the whole 
Is as full as the whole.

"As Above, so Below"

The content same in all containers;
Whole to part and part to whole;
The earthly beauty reaching
To the eternal truth.

Enlightened in contemplation
Great sages offered the salvation;

In his spiritual flight
Man the miniature
Rises to be God the Universe:
Part expanding into the whole
As supreme soul.

Hence the great truths:
"Thou Art"
"I am That"

Guided within by the small voice
In our spiritual conscious;
Be grateful for the good things
Keep Hope and Faith for the bad to go.

Heart, the seat of soul
Pure untouched ground,
The sacred altar
A sanctum sanctorium.

A temple for the
Causeless cause of all causes.

Worship the "king of kings"
Enshrined in the heart,
In silence and solitude
With love and reverance.

"The flowers of spiritual fragrance
In the paradise of God".

(Inspiration - Scriptures)

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