My Cupcake Girl ♡

Hey I'm Rosie.. Rosie Anderson.. I was Harry Styles best friend... till he left me and left for the X-factor to live his dreams.. lets just say...
There are 4 stages I learn: Falling..Asking...Lying...Loving
Can Harry repatch the old relationship he had with Rosie..? Read and find out..♡


5. Forgivness

Without thinking I hug Harry and start to cry. He rubs my back letting me cry on his shoulder.

"H-Harry, I-I forgive you, thank you for bringing me h-here."I say.

"I missed you cupcake girl!" He said with a huge grin across his face.

"You need to give me a new nickname Hazzy :)" I laugh. We sit by the mini creek as I stare at my reflection.

"Am I ugly?" I blurt out.

"And why would you ask me that?" Harry asked.

"Well I feel ugly, so do these other girls.." I admit.

"Your insecure, don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or don't need makeup, to cover up, being the way that you are is enou-ou-ough everyone else in the room can see it everyone but you-o" I chuckle as he sings What Makes you Beautiful.

"I missed you Harry.." 

"Me too..." He says, then his phone rings."Hold on." He says.

'Hello....oh hey Taylor....yeah...oh you are....sure..ok be there in 10....bye..'

"Hey Rosie, wanna meet Taylor Swift?" Harry asked me.


He grabs my hand and we walk over to  his car and drive to the airport....

~At the airport~

Ahh I'm gonna meet Taylor Swift yeah buddy! Finally a blonde girl approaches us.

"Harry!" She yells.

"Hey Taylor!" They both hug each other while I do a quick breathe check, ok good!

"Hi, I'm Rosie!" I say putting my hand out as she shakes it.

"I'm Taylor nice to meet you!" She says giving me a warm smile.

"Ok lets go down to the bakery, don't wanna make you late!" i check the time 2:43! 

"Oh yeah thanks Harry!"

We hop into the car and we drive to the bakery...

"I gotta use the bathroom!" Harry says leaving me and Taylor alone.

"I'm a HUGE HUGE f-"

"Listen Rosie, Harry is mine, and only mine ok?!" I laugh a little but her face is dead serious.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I see you like Harry guess what he doesn't like you ok? So keep dreaming hun." She smirks at me.

"Listen I do-"

"Hey honey!" My mom comes in. "oh sorry, hi I'm Lucy, Rosie's mom."

"I'm Taylor!" She says shaking her hand putting on another (fake) smile.

"Alright I'm re....oh why hello Mrs.Anderson!" Harry says.

"Hello Harold how are you?" 

"Great,so I'm gonna give Taylor a tour of London, be back by...8ish.."

"Ok, well have fun!" I say.

Then they walk out of the bakery as a lady walks in. I look through the window and Harry is looking at a map Taylor sees me a grins pulling Harry close to her and kisses him. What is she trying to do make me jealous or something?

"Yes!" I jump startled to see the same lady who walked in sitting right across from me.

"Umm hello?"

"Hello, come come sit down." I look around and she was the only customer so I slide into the booth.

"Hi, my name is Laura, I'm a fortune teller!" So that explains the whole outfit she has going on....

"Oh well..hello.."

"If you would like I can give you a look in your future for 1 dollar.."

"Um...why not." I say. I hand her a dollar as she reaches out for my hand making weird shapes.

"Ahh, your name is Rosie Marie Anderson right?"


"Ahh....ohh.....oh wow...hmm seems like you have a bright future dear, would you like to find out?" She asks.

"Hmm.. sure!" I say.

"Ok we-"


"Omg, umm can you maybe speed it up a bit?" I ask.

"Sure, well there are 4 stages falling, asking, lying and loving.T-"


"I'm sorry I gotta go!"

"Here's my card! But just remember: falling, asking, lying, and loving!" She calls out then like that she is gone.

I walk into the kitchen.

"Roll out the dough Missy."

"I'm sorry, customer problems." I say.

"It's ok, just roll out the dough and use the cookie cutters."

"Ok." Then she walks towards the front to help the customers. As I roll out the dough all I can think about is what Laura said.

Falling, asking, lying, and loving.....


That's the end of part 5! Thank you for reading :) hope you read more thank you love ya BYE!


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