My Cupcake Girl ♡

Hey I'm Rosie.. Rosie Anderson.. I was Harry Styles best friend... till he left me and left for the X-factor to live his dreams.. lets just say...
There are 4 stages I learn: Falling..Asking...Lying...Loving
Can Harry repatch the old relationship he had with Rosie..? Read and find out..♡


4. Can we try

I turn around to see none other then Harold Edward Styles... I see a picnic setup with candles and rose petals, me and Harry would usually do this type of stuff almost every Saturday. I was impressed he remebered.

" WHAT!?" I am pretty confused..

"Listen Rosie, I need to make this all up to you, I made a huge mistake, I know that after 2 years you probably hate me, but I just need to make it up to you. Like the old times when you called me curly or Hazzy. I just want those things happen now... and I need to make it up to you today.." He says with lust in his eyes.

See right now you would probably expect me to jump on him hugging him and forgiving him but not right now.

"Listen Harry I know you got to live your dreams.. and if anything I don't hate you.. yeah I said that in the tweet but that was a lie... I can't hate you.. And I just don't think those moments we had in the past can come back.. I'm sorry Harry."

He looked hurt but he hurt me for 2 whole years...

"Can we try?" He asked.

"Sure.." I slightly smile and he returns it. He pulls out some food from the picnic basket. Even some cupcakes. I quickly grab one and stuff my face in it.

"Mmmmmm this is delicious!" I say still eating the cupcake.

"Haha I see." He says back.

Oh how I missed this boy.. when we're done eating he quickly blows out the candles and he picks up everything and grabs my hand. He opens the door to his car for me.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"Somewhere.." He says.

~Ten minutes later~

"We're here!" He says. I wish I knew where we are but he blindfolded me so I sit there silently.He opens the car door for me and guides me till we make a complete stop. He slowly takes off my blindfold to reveal a garden, but not just any garden.. our garden.This is where we met and we even had a small tree that he carved: Rosie + Harry = BFF'S. I remember the day as if it happened last night.


I just came back from school, normally dad would be there to ask me how my day was but he wasn't there. Sometimes 2nd grade can be tough you know. Once I came through that front door my mom was sobbing and sobbing. I didn't know what was going on, I never saw my mom cry..

"M-mom, whats wrong?" I ask.

"Oh sweetie, come here!" She says pulling me into a hug. I hug back still waiting for an answer.

"Rosie, your daddy.."

"Yeah...?"I asked not knowing what is going on.

"He got into a really bad accident.. he is now in a coma and we don't know if he will wake up or not.."

"B-but.." Now I start to cry, not knowing if my daddy will live is the last thing I wanna hear. Then i run, run out the door not knowing where I was going.. I stumble upon a nice beautiful garden. i sent on the bench and cry and cry... Then I see a boy about my age come up to me with a flower.

"Hi, I'm Harold, I saw you crying so I got you this Rose, whats wrong?"

"We-well my daddy... he's in a coma..."

"Whats a coma?" He asked pretty confused.

" I don't know but my mom said he might not wake up.." I say still crying.

"I'm sorry." he says bringing me into a huge hug, I cry onto his shoulder while he pats my back.

"Harold, it's time to g- oh why hello I'm Anne, Harold's mum.Whats your name sweetie?"

"I-I'm Rosie." I say sniffling.

"Oh well your mother must be worried about you, I'll walk you home, come on sweetie!"

I follow Anne and Harold and we walk to my house.

"Hey Rosie?" Harold asks.


"Well i just moved here, will you be my friend?"

"Sure, nice meeting you Anne! Bye Harold and thank you for the rose." I say while kissing his cheek then going into my house...

~Over the years we would meet up there, he really was my best friend..~

~End of Flashback~

Authors note: That is soo sweet! Aww ok sorry back to the story:

I start to tear up remembering this. It was at that moment I decided to forgive Harry.

==============================================================================================================================================Aww that was to cute, I'm getting emotional :(

Harry gave her a rose, tell me how thats not cute <3

Okay well thank  you for reading and I will update some more. Tell your friends and I'll catch ya later ;) ~1D<3er**U.K

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