The Sequel: Missed you

Ellie was now 21. Had two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband, Harry Styles she has lived in a hotel for a year now because she had been on tour and finally coming home! What happens when she gets home God only knows.


6. Chapter 6

Ellie's POV

I was on my daily twitter feed. El was funny on twitter! Then I got the sudden urge to vomit, why was I always sick lately. I walked in the bathroom to find Taylor with my hair dye she was covered with blonde hair dye. "Tay! What are you doing?" I picked her and undressed her and put her in the tub "Shorry, mommy." she was looking depressed. "Oh Taylor, it is okay I promise.". I started gagging up  a storm until  I leaned over and threw up in the toilet, I never see Harry until you feel him "Ellie are you Okay?". "I don't know, I am going to the doctor tomorrow to see what's going on. Hey Harry can you finish Taylor you need to  spend more time with her because your always somewhere." I said hugging him "Sure babe, oh where's Darcy?" kissing me softly on the cheek "At my mom and dad's house where else, I am going to bed it almost 9:00 pm. Love You baby." doing Eskimo kisses on him. 

Harry's POV

I kissed Taylor good night and was walking to Ellie and I's bedroom. She was Happy for some reason. "Harry Harry Harry I got Newzzzzyyyyss! Guess just Guess!" she was happy a lot of happy "What? Umm.. I'm not going on tour next year and we can spend more time together?" I said I knew it wasn't it "Nope, well um We are going to have baby number 3!"she was jumping up and down she came over and made out with me! "Oh my gosh! I can't believe it!" really I couldn't we didn't have it or anything. "Well go to sleep and we will be positive tomorrow!" I said hugging her and smiling while rubbing her stomach.


A/N (We made a come-back and hope you enjoyed it guys! I love you! xx CathrynPayne

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