The Sequel: Missed you

Ellie was now 21. Had two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband, Harry Styles she has lived in a hotel for a year now because she had been on tour and finally coming home! What happens when she gets home God only knows.


2. Chapter 2

"Wake up, babe," Harry said, trying to turn me over. "Nooo," I mumbled, turning over, placing the covers over my head. I heard Taylor giggle, "Mommy! Wake up!!" I got up, and gave Harry a death glance. He smiled his cheeky smile, "Goodmorning, beautiful." I rolled my eyes and got up to get ready. Our suitcases are packed, but there was a set of shorts, underwear, a shirt, and a bra on the edge of the bed. I kissed Harry's cheek as I walked to the bathroom to get ready. About 2 minutes later, I walked back into our room, "Harold! Where is my straightener? Aargh." He laughed, "It's packed. Hurry, babe. We gotta meet the boys for breakfast. Niall's already about to die of hunger." I sighed, and picked Darcy out of his arms, "Hey, baby." She giggled, and her dimples showed. Just like her fathers. I did a final check. I had everything. I hope. I looked down at my diamond infinity ring, Harry placed on my ring finger 2 years ago on Febuary 14th. Our wedding anniversary. I smiled at that thought. Harry Edward Styles. My husband. Darcy Elizabeth, and Taylor Madison. Our family. Along with 4 other boys, who are sometimes more immature than my own children. I walked out of the hotel, with Darcy in my arms, and Taylor on Harry's shoulders. Of course, there were so many fans outside. Harry held a protective hand on my waist. I smiled up at him, "Ready to go home?" He nodded, "Deffinatly."


We met the boys at a McDonalds somewhere in Virginia. I laughed, "Niall! Slow down!!!," Alexis, his girlfriend, tried to make him. He smiled at her, "But..but it's amazing." Zayn rolled his eyes, and looked down at his food. Ever since him and Perrie broke up, he's been all sad. He can't even sing with a smile on his face anymore. Danielle was trying to feed Taylor. She was protesting that she was a 'big girl' and she could do it herself. Liam was tweeting. Louis was making funny faces at Darcy. I handed her to Harry, "I'll be right back," I told him, getting up. Eleanor knew something was up, because she followed me into the bathroom.


Eleanor POV: What's up with her? She looks really sad, or tired, or just...sick. I walked to the bathroom, "Ellie? El?" I found her sitting on the floor, with her hands covering her face. I rushed over to her, "El! What's wrong?" She was crying, "I just...I feel really sick. I don't know what's wrong." I hugged her. She had fever, "I don't think you can travel like this, love." She nodded, "Yes...Yes I can. I, Harry is ready to get home." I shook my head, and pulled her up, "I'm going to tell him." I ran out of the bathroom, and explained to Harry that she was sick. He rushed into the bathroom, even though it was the girls bathroom.

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