The Sequel: Missed you

Ellie was now 21. Had two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband, Harry Styles she has lived in a hotel for a year now because she had been on tour and finally coming home! What happens when she gets home God only knows.


8. 1,2,3

I woke up to the sound of heavy breathing. I looked over to see Ellie sound a sleep with a peaceful smile dancing on her lips. Then I realized how far away from me she was sleeping. I looked down to the gap between us. And to my surprise I saw a happy sleeping Taylor in between us. I laughed because she had made her way into the bed and between us and neither Ellie nor I had realized it. Oh no. This means that Taylor had taken her first steps in the middle of the night! And Ellie and I missed it! Shoot! I had to come up with something so I thought up a plan. I lightly tickle Taylor until she wakes up. "Daddy!" She says in a yell whisper. " hey, baby girl" I responded as quietly as I could." Wanna play a game?" She nodded and I helped her out of bed and we went into the living room." Are you hungry taylor?" I got a bowl of chocolate cornflakes out for her and went to get the video camera. When I had found the camera I ran around and closed all the blinds, and turned off all the lights except one." Okay Taylor. When I say go, walk to the big teddy bear okay?" I had places the large stuffed animal that I had gotten Ellie for out anniversary last year, across the room from where she stood." Okay Daddy" I said go and flipped on the camera. She took a few wobbly steps before crashing to the floor in a small pink heap. Then she started wailing." Shhhh. No Taylor it's alright. Shhhhh sweetheart" it didn't work. So I placed the camera  on the ground behind me and then grabbed a pillow and throw blanket and made a small bed for Taylor. She snuggled in. And I started to sing more than this to her. Her small delicate eyelids started to droop, and each blink lasted a little longer until I had completely lulled her to sleep. I heard the record button of the camera being turned off and looked behind me in a shock. Ellie was standing there smiling with the camera." Well look at you Styles. You make a pretty good father after all." We just laughed. I was just stating to make the usual eggs for us when Ellie looked up from the morning newspaper and called my name." Harry?" " yes babe" I walked out of the kitchen and poured more coffee into the mug." Oh no more caffeine sweetie, the doctor said its not good for the baby. And oh I almost forgot to tell you, the results of the ultrasound came last night." I couldn't believe my ears. I was so excited because I knew it might be a boy, but still happy with a girl too, because the girls seem to make Ellie happy. I would just like to be able to have a son to he able to give advice to, ya know? "And?" I question her raising one eyebrow in her direction. " IT'S A GIRL!!" She gets up to hug me and I spin her around. I love this family. Me Ellie and our two; soon to be three little girls. It felt right I was always destined to be here, in this exact family. We spend the rest of the day calling the boys and other relatives to inform them of the news, and come up with a name. We settled on either Makayla or Amber.

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