The Sequel: Missed you

Ellie was now 21. Had two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband, Harry Styles she has lived in a hotel for a year now because she had been on tour and finally coming home! What happens when she gets home God only knows.


1. Chapter 1

It was nearly 8:00 at night when I came home, I didn't go home straight away, I made my way into the bedroom, and put the girls down for bed. Darcy was asleep in my arms, and Taylor was following behind us. I can't believe tonight is our last night at the hotel. Tomorrow we get to go home to a real home. Harry is finally going to be off of tour, and I can't wait to finally get some family time. Darcy is now 18 months, and Taylor is 2. I made my way back into Harry's and my room. I was trying to find my pajamas to put on, when a deep, slow voice stopped me, "Hey, babe." I turned around, and faced my husband, "Hey, Haz." He wrapped his arms around me, "It's getting late. Ready to go to bed?" I nodded, "We got a big day ahead of us." He nodded and looked around, "I'm gonna miss this place." I laughed, "Harry. Are you serious? We stay in a different hotel every other night!" He nodded, "I know. But this place feels... different. Ya know?" I nodded. This place did feel different from any other place we had been. It was quite bigger, had blue walls in Harry's and my room, and had pink walls in the girls' room. I smiled, "Harry. Do you ever... regret marrying me?" He walked over towards me and pulled me into a great big hug, "Baby! No! I have NEVER regretted marrying you!!" I nodded, and hugged him back. Why was I acting so dramatic lately?

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