A Soccer Love Story

This is about Tori and how she loves to play soccer( or football as some call it)she gets a scholarship to a collage to play soccer. She meets the love of her life and also 4 cute caring and also idiotic boys. Thats all I'm going to say.


5. Lunch Time

Louis P.O.V
This girl is so cute. I had bumped into her yesterday because of me not paying attention. I was so excited that Mr.Anderson chose me and Niall to show her around the school, but i see the way niall looks at her. I am going to have to act fast if i am going to get this girl. All the girls fall for niall because of his blonde hair, blue eyes, and don't forget his cute irish accent that all girls fall for. I was just going to ask her to come eat lunch with me and my friends right before Niall had to pop the question before i did."sure" she responded"But let me text my friends to meet us"
We walked over to see Liam and Danielle holding hands looking right into each others eyes."awwww look at these love birds" i say in a babyish voice."eceryone this is Tori" Harry looks up from his phone and says" hello love i am Harry and it's a pleasure to meet you"." Hey i am Daniell and this is liam my boyfriend and over there is zayn". Wow i think Daniell and Tori are going to become really good friends.
Christina's P.O.V
I got text telling me to go meet Tori in the cafeteria. Once i get there i see her siting with one girl and five boys. She sees me and Chloe and waves me over. We walk over there i say hi to all of them. It was really awkward and i could tell chloe felt the same way. There was this really cute curly head boy. "Hi i am Harry and your two names are" harry asked."I am chloe"Chloe answered him."and I'm Christina". I looked over two the rest of them."oh I'm Louis thats Niall,Zayn,Liam,Danielle,thats Harry and thats Tori" louis said. Wow I'm pretty sure i knew that. Everyone started to giggle at Louis." Lou I'm pretty sure that they both already new that was Tori" Liam stated. " well i didn't know" Louis defended himself. After we all met, we were all laughing at dumb jokes Niall and Louis made.
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