A Soccer Love Story

This is about Tori and how she loves to play soccer( or football as some call it)she gets a scholarship to a collage to play soccer. She meets the love of her life and also 4 cute caring and also idiotic boys. Thats all I'm going to say.


3. Fist Day

Tori's P.O.V
"Christina we have to go hurry up," i yell ias we are rushing out of our dorm room. As we step out we see Chloe with a big grin on her face."Guys this is Jenna and she is my roommate" i can tell Chloe likes her. Jenna holds out her hand for us to shake but me a Christina both give her a hug. When we pull away i look at the time it was 8:15am" Sorry to be a party pooper but if don't leave right now we will be late". We all start walking to our classes. When i walk in i see two cute boys talking. One has blue eyes and blonde hair and the other one is the one who i bumped in to in the hall. I see one open seat next to the blond haired boy. Everyone in class is staring at me, i think its because i am the new girl. Mr.Anderson starts to speak" i would like you all to welcome Toria McRae. Miss.Mcrae please come and introduce yourself" i start telling them that i am from Canada and i have played soccer ever since i was little and i played travel and got the scholarship here. Once i was finished explaining myself, i went and sat back down again. When the bell rang mr.anderson told me and the 2 cute boys to come see him. I did what he asked. He ask to the boys which were apparently Niall and Louis to show me to my next classes because we had all the same classes together. When we walked out Louis says"we meet again love" i kinda giggle at him.they show me to the next class.
The next class past by so fast. It was now lunch time." Would like to come sit us and our friends" "sure" i say kinda fast." Just let me tell my friends to come meet me.
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