A Soccer Love Story

This is about Tori and how she loves to play soccer( or football as some call it)she gets a scholarship to a collage to play soccer. She meets the love of her life and also 4 cute caring and also idiotic boys. Thats all I'm going to say.


2. A New Home

Tori's P.O.V
As me and my friends arrive at the air port, so excited but also sad. I have a really close relation ship with my family so its going to be really hard not see them or them yelling at me to clean my room. When we finally say our good byes me and my friends Chloe and Christina are off to Chicago to start a brand new life there. I slept through the whole plan ride and when i step off the plan i asked Chloe and Christina"you guys ready" they both responded with a nod. I am so close too these girls i wouldn't know if i would be where i am today with out them. As a girl with dream to play for soccer for Canada in the olympics or become a drama teacher. Once we are at the school we were so excited to be finally coming. We went to the lobby and ask for our room number and and key when we were walking i started to say what classes i was taking and what classes we had together and i wasn't paying much attention to were i was going and i bumped into someone or something." Sorry love" he said. He was so cute with his hair going in the one direction and his white striped shirt. "I'm so sorry i wasn't paying attention, I'm so sorry" i said. I bet i looked like a total idiot. I asked him if he was okay and he said" i am fine don't worry i was texting it was my fault" we said good bye and got to my room. Me and Christina shared one room and chloe was going to get a new room mate. When i walked in it was so beautiful. I whispered " i am finally home"
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