I Remember You (1SHOT41D)

Melissa thought Louis had forgotten all about her.... until one very special Valentines Day. ♥


1. I Remember You

My big sister, Alyssa was running around getting ready for her date with her boyfriend, Johnny. It was going to be the most boring Valentines Day ever. I finished school last year, so that means there would be nothing to keep me occupied today. Sitting at home, watching the romantic comedy specials on TV. Interesting, right? I know, I really wasn't looking forward to it.

I tuned into MTV. It usually kept me awake when I was bored half to death, but seriously, all the romantic stuff was killing me. Especially considering I was single, and my only guy friend totally forgot about me when he tried out for X Factor. His name was Louis Tomlinson. Heard of him? I know you have. He's in the world's biggest boyband, One Direction. I woudn't be surprised if he didn't even remember my name. But I won't forget him. Not ever. I'd die first.

I switched off the TV, lost in my thoughts, recounting everything that ever happened between Louis and I. We were just friends. Never anything more. Sometimes I wanted it to be more, though. Other times, I was happy that it wasn't. It would ruin our friendship, especially if we broke up.

As I thought about these things, my mind was taken off from my whole Valentines dilemma. I just sat and stared into space. I started to drift off to sleep, slowly.... slowly..... slowly. My eyes began to get heavier with every passing second. The last thing I heard was the bang of the door as Alyssa was picked up by her boyfriend. After that, everything went black as I fell asleep.

Two hours later

I accidentally rolled over the remote, causing the TV to turn on and wake me up. I stretched, yawned and turn to look at the news report on TV. I half regretted it.

'And now, all the One Direction heartthrobs have all gone their seperate ways to visit their girlfriends and family for Valentines Day, spread out over England and Ireland. Niall has gone to visit Lilli in their shared home in Dublin, Liam has gone to Wolverhampton to be with his girlfriend Danielle Peazer, and his family, Zayn is in London with Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, Harry is with his family for their break and Louis's whereabouts are unknown, although we believe he has left Doncaster briefly and has gone to Manchester.'

Manchester. That was the word that stood out to me. Louis is coming to Manchester. That was where I lived. Was he coming to find me? Maybe he missed me. Maybe he would be knocking on my door any minute. I started to think that I shouldn't be getting my hopes up. He had forgotten about me, remember? I was just another girl that he saw on the street, now.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed some random foods, and mixed them altogether. It was something Louis and I did all the time, when we were bored. We would just pull anything out of the pantry or fridge, throw it all into a blender and drink it. I hadn't done that in ages. I was guessing Louis probably didn't either. I drank down the entire mixture, reminiscing on all those memories.

Suddenly, the ringing of the doorbell started to thunder through the house. I immediately thought that Alyssa had left something behind. I threw the glass in the sink and went to answer the door. Whoever was there would probably wonder why I wasn't getting ready for anything. Isn't everyone getting ready for something at 4:30 on the afternoon of February 14th? Nup. I was just wearing some blue tracksuit pants and a grey t-shirt. Nothing fancy.

I opened the door, but I found no one.

Kids playing knock-and-run. I thought, and began to shut the door. But as I did so, I spotted a note taped onto my 'Welcome' mat. I picked it up.

Go to your next door neighbours house. I read.

I slipped on some shoes and ran to the house beside me. I didn't have to question what house to go to, as there was only one house beside me. On the other side was just a block of land. I jumped the stairs two at a time up to my neighbours front door, and saw another note. I checked to make sure it was the same handwriting. Yes it was, I guess that meant that this one was for me.

Run to house number 48. Look on the doorstep.

I did as instructed and found another note.

Meet me at the football field. Don't bother changing your clothes. I don't really care.

The football field was three blocks away. Not too far, right? I was sure glad I wore my sneakers. I walked the first block, but I started to pick up the pace eventually. I turned this way, and ran that way. I dodged him and swerved around her. After a while, I stopped at a postbox to take a break. I panted heavily, but one look at the notes in my hands was all the motivation I needed. I set off again, running as fast as I could, my tight, brown curls bounced as my feet pounded the footpath. As I passed a car, I noticed that my hair was a mess, but whoever wrote the note said they wouldn't care, so I kept running.

Eventually, I came to the football field. I saw a note on the nearest tree, and I picked it up.

Go to the swingsets around the corner.

I sighed and walked around the corner. What I saw I will never forget.

The sun had gone down, seting the sky on fire. A beautiful combination of pinks, oranges, yellows and reds. It set the mood that I needed to be in on Valentines Day. Underneath the big oak tree was a red and white patterned picnic blanket, with a straw basket placed in the centre and candles surrounding it. But it wasn't the burning sky or the fairytale-like scene that caught my attention. It was the person standing in the middle of it all. The prince charming to my sleeping beauty. The sun to my sky. The stars to my darkness. Yeah, yeah, all that. It didn't matter. He had found me.

Louis Tomlinson.

He had changed. His hair wasn't long and fluffy anymore, but more short and styled into a quiff on top of his head. He saw me and jumped up and ran towards me.

'Melissa!' he cried. 'I missed you so much, Mel.'

'I missed you, Boobear.'

We both just stood there, embracing each other for a few minutes before Louis broke the silence.

'I'm so sorry I never called or texted you, I wasn't allowed to be in contact with any girls apart from my mum and aunties and, you know, just family. Management said it was too early in our careers to be doing any dating and all that, and that it would distract us.'

'I thought you'd forgotten about me, Lou.' I whispered, hugging him tighter than ever before and letting the tears stream down my face.

'Never. I will never forget you, no matter how hard I try. You will always by my little Mel.' It was silent, broken only by my tears. Louis dried my eyes and took my hand, leading me over to the picnic blanket. 'I've got something for you.' he said.

I looked at him in confusion. 'What?'

'Here, sit down.' I did as I was told and he sat beside me on the blanket,with his hand placed over mine. Usually, I never thought anything much of it. When he put his arm around me or kissed my cheek. They were always just affectionate gestures. But maybe it was more.

Suddenly from behind the oak tree, came four more easily recognisable boys. I hadn't known them personally, but I still knew them. The curly brown locks and bright green eyes, the dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, the buzzcut and brown eyes and the dark, almost black quiff with matching eyes... everyone knows who I mean. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. They started singing 'Gotta Be You.' I hugged Louis.

'Did you plan all this?' I asked.

'Only for you.' he replied, hugging me back.

The boys finished singing the song and Louis pulled something out of the picnic basket. They were two promise rings with engravings on them, one reading 'Louis' and one reading 'Melissa'.

'I promise never to let you think that I forgot you. I promise to do whatever I can to talk to you, whether I'm here or on tour.' he declared, slipping the ring onto his finger.

'I promise to always remember that you will never forget me. I promise that I will always be your Mel and you will always be my Boobear.' I said, placing my ring on my finger.

'Good. Now, I wanted to ask you something.' Louis added, reaching into the picnic basket once again.

'Anything.' I said.

He pulled out a rose and handed it to me. 'Be my Valentine?' he asked.

I took the rose from his hand and leant forward until my lips met his.

'Of course I will be your Valentine, Louis.'

He pressed his forehead against mine. 'I love you.' he whispered.

'I love you, Boobear.' I replied and he kissed me once again. The boys, who were still watching, erupted into cheers. I jumped, having totally forgot they were there. I started to laugh half at them and half at my reaction.

To this day, Louis and I are happily together.. and you know, I think that getting the idea that he forgot about me was one of the most dull things I've ever done.

But that doesn't matter anymore, because I love him and he loves me. How do I know that he loves me with all he has? If he didn't love me, we wouldn't be standing here right now, in the comfort of our home and four other guys surrounding us. Louis wouldn't be down on one knee asking me to marry him. I wouldn't be saying yes if we didn't love each other.

This morning, Louis went to the studio early. When I woke up, this was on my fridge:

Hey, baby.

Just wanted to let you know that I love you with all my circle, because hearts break, but circles go on forever.

Love, your Boobear xoxo

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