The First Sight

This is entry for the One Direction contest>
My One Direction contest entry is part 1, Seeing Him, and part 2, The Date ^~^.
Imagine meeting a member from One Direction, but they look sad and lonely.


1. Seeing Him

I woke up this morning feeling happy and rested, so not like me. I know what it is! Today i have no work, no school, and no shopping to do! I have a free day! Im going to have a day out with my friends.

To: Marian, Destiny, Lydia, Maria, Jazzy, Victoria

Hey wanna go do something to day?

From: Marian

Ya wat Arriana?

From: Destiny

sure anything as long as I'm home by 5:00.

From: Lydia

Sure Carrot Princess

From: Maria

Lets do dis

From: Jazzy

Ya, I'm bored, nothing to do! 

From: Victoria

Ya, lets go so something.

To: Marian, Destiny, Maria, Lydia, Jazzy, Victoria

Ok ill pick you all up, get ready! be there in a hour.

From: All


So I went to take a shower and get ready to go get my friends. I took a quick shower and curled my hair. i changed into a pair of baby blue skinny jeans, a half shirt that says Be Yourself, my white Nikes, and a plain black snap back. after i was ready, i ran to get my keys and my bag. 


"Hey, lets go to Wet Seal!" said my friend, who is very fond of Wet Seal, screamed in the mall, getting everyone around us attention.

"Yea, i love their jewelry."

As we finished up in Wet Seal, everyone was getting a coffee craving and wanted to the outlets. so we left and stopped at Starbucks for a quick. 

But as we pulled up, we saw a bunch of screaming Girls, and paparazzi with their eye blinding cameras.

"Whats going on here?"Destiny said with the most curious look on here face.

"Maybe, One Direction is here!"screamed one of my fellow Directioner.

"That would be amazing, but i highly doubt that."

"Stop being so doubtful!"


Well I stood corrected, as we entered the place, I saw one of the members of my most loved Boy Band ever, FREAKING NIALL IRISH HORAN WAS SITTING ON A TABLE ALONE! But why was he alone and he looked quite sad. 

"Hey, guys look at Niall he looks sad! I'm going to go see if he's okay."

"Okay, but don't get to close to him, he's mine!" 

So I walk over to his table and see him messing with his straw, and on his phone, on what looks to me is twitter. 

"Is this seat taken?" what was i thinking, of course it isn't taken if he is here alone!

"Oh, no"

"So, Niall what's wrong? I keep looking over to see my idol, sitting a couple feet away from me sitting alone sad. You don't look like the guy that me and millions of people fell in love with."

"Oh, sorry you can tell i'm sad?"

"Yes, it shows a lot! So what's wrong? I'm here as a friend, not a fan. That's for later." 

"Oh it's just management is getting on my nervers! They are trying to control me! They were controlling me before, but they were stuff that i learned to deal with later on. But now they are telling me that i have to be the bad boy because Zayn is to sweet, and it is his new haircut that makes him look so nice, so now they are telling me to be the bad boy. They are telling me to ignore the fans, flip off the paparazzi, to curse to the fans whenever they see me unexpectedly, then they told me that I have to stop playing the guitar! I can't deal with it anymore, this is the worst it's got!"

"Well i'm speech, that is horrible! I not in your brain, but I know that your fans mean the world to you! Then to have to curse them out is unspeakable! Also taking away one of your passions is, yet again horrible! And they won't let you have a choose in this?"

"Nope, what they say, goes."

"Well, here's what i think you should do, talk to your friends, they are the people you should go to first, then talk to management, a calm, nice talk about having no bad boy because I know that none of you would fit the bad boy name. you all are just to sweet!"

"Thanks, that is some really good advice! Im going to do that! Oh, and this may seem weird but, can i have your number so if i need some good advice, or just need to talk to someone who knows how to answer to me without screaming."

OMG! Did he really just ask for my number!

"Yea sure, here let me see your phone."


-Niall's POV-

Wow, Arriana is different, a good different. She made me seem like i was a normal person, not famous, just a regular person with a passion for singing. Also what great timing, i was looking for a girl to take with me to the Valentine party Harry was throwing at his house. And I was already in love with Arriana! I'm going to ask her.

I was ready, i dialed her number and held the phone to me ear counting the rings. At the third ring she answered.

-Arriana's POV-

"Sh guys, he's calling me!"

-Call Starts-


"Hi, Arriana i wanted to ask you if you wanted to come with me to Harry's Valentines party?"

"Yea, that would be a lot of fun! When is it?"

"It's this Friday."

"Ok, well see you Friday."

"Ok, bye love"


"Oh, wait it is a red and black party, similar to a black and white. But instead with red."

"Oh, so is it like formal?"

"Nope, he just wanted to make it look red."

"Ok, well bye"

"Bye, cya Friday."

-Call Ended-

"So what happened?" asked my very curious friend Destiny, who is also absolutely in love with Niall.

"He asked me to go with him to Harry's Valentines party."

"OMG, i told you not to get close to him! He's mine!"

"Im sorry, but on a completely unrelated topic, what am I going to wear! It's a black and red party!" 


-Niall's POV-

I'm nervous! I never felt like this over a girl before! I don't know what to do! Okay stay calm Kyle, stay calm. Just call her and tell her that you'll be over in ten minutes.

-Call Starts-

"Hello" oh my gosh, i'm getting the nerves again!

"Oh, hey, just wanted to say that ill be over in ten minutes.'

"Oh ok, ill be ready Nialler."

"Haha, ok cya in a bit."


-Call Ended-


-Arriana's POV-

Once I walked in to the house I was amazed on haw big the place was! And the amount of familiar faces I saw, that would forget me in a second. Then Niall led me to the area where the boys would most likely be. The snacks table.

"Hey guys, this is Arriana!" he almost screamed over the loud music.

They all stopped talking and eating for a second, to give me a friendly glance, to introduce them self to me, which didn't really seemed to be needed. 

"I'm going to go get a drink."


"Hi, i'm Louis, but you can call me Lou. also by the way Niall couldn't shut up about you. Also thank you for helping him get though that tough time he had with the management."

"No problem, I don't like seeing people sad."

"Hi, i'm Zayn."he says holding out his hand.

"Hi, i'm....."

"Arriana, Niall talked nonstop about you since the day you met him at Starbucks."

"Really! I thought I was crazy talking about him nonstop about a guy I just formally met."

I feel like this isn't real. I'm at a guys party that I just met  literally four days ago. 

"Hello, i'm Harry." 

"Hello, Harry"

"And i'm Liam"

"Hi, Liam"

"Well i'm going to go find Niall, he's been gone for a while. Hey that rhymed."

As I tried my best to move though the crowd. I could hear the faint little sound of Niall talking to someone upstairs. So curious little me goes up the stairs and tries my best to block out all the music and noise. Once I found the room he was in I went to the restroom, which was right next to the room, locked the door and leaned in on the wall closest to them.

-Niall's POV-

"I don't know how to ask her,Josh"

I was planing on asking Arriana to dinner on Valentines day, but I never asked a girl out to dinner. My usual dates were going to the fair, this was just to new to me.

"Nialler, just go up to her and ask her my exact words, "Arriana, would you like to go to dinner with me Saturday night?" thats it now go!"

"Alright, alright ill go.

-Arriana's POV- 

Did I just hear what i just heard? Ahhhh, I can't just walk out or it would seem like I was listening, even though i was. So I freak out and turn on the water and wash my hands. Then I walk out to see that Niall and who I think is, Josh Devine. I walk down the stairs and go back to where I last saw the boys. When I get there, with no doubt I see Niall standing, and drinking water? So I walk up to him.

"Hey Niall, there you are."

"You were looking for me?"

"Yes,because you left me with guys i don't even know, and i needed to use the restroom"

"Oh, i'm sorry about that. Do you still need to go?"

"No I found it."

'Oh, ok"

"Can i ask you something?" here it comes

"Yeah, anything"

"Would you like to go out to dinner with me on Saturday night?"

"Yes Niall, I would love too"



Arriana's POV

Today was Valentines day and it was 5:00. I have 0:30 minutes until Niall comes to get me, and i'm still not ready! I'm still in a towel looking over the new clothes that I just got, but still I have nothing to wear. I have been staring at my clothes for a hour! I took another glance at the clock, and saw that I only have 0:25 minutes left! So I just settled for a simple black mid thigh dress, with four inch black heels. Did some simple eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Got my bag, and waited for the call.

~Thirty Minutes later~



At 5:30 sharp there was a knock at the door. I already knew it was Niall by the way he knocked, I opened it up and it felt like my jaw dropped ten feet. Damm, he looked HOT. He was wearing black pants and a white shirt with a blazer. 

"Hey Nialler, you look hot."

"Hahah, thank you, but you beat me my a million."

"Thank you, so where are we going?"

"You will see."


We drove up to a high class restaurant that looked like you had to pay to sit down! I cant let Niall spend to much money on me.

"Hello, welcome to the Sea Line Steak and Seafood house, name please."

"Niall Horan"

"Oh ok one moment please."

She walked away and came back with two servers well dressed, one was a girl not much older than me, and a boy who looked to be in his mid twenties, and had towels on their arms with a bottle of, wine?

"Hello, I'm Makayla, and I'm going to be your cocktail waitress."

"And, I'm Brian, I'm your server."

"Please follow us to your table"

'Something tells me that they rehearse that daily'

"Ok, here are your menu's and your drinks, if you need anything just ring that bell."

"Ok, thank you very much."I say picking up the menu and reading the different kinds of food that I have been missing out on.

Oh wait, the menu doesn't even have prices, my mom told me 'If a restaurant's menu doesn't have prices, just walk out and act like nothing happened'.

"Niall are you sure this is alright? It seems to expensive."

"Don't worry I got it,just get anything you want ok."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, now look at the menu, anything you want is your's"


He is so sweet, ah i don't want this night to be over! Why can't I have a Click remote so I can relive this day forever?

But I ended up on settling on a caesar salad for a starter, the salmon as a entree, and me and Niall are going to share the chocolate lava cake. 

"Your, salads and does anyone want more Champaign?"said Makayla, picking up the bottle.

"No I fine"

"Yea me too"

As i started on my salad i felt like it was time..... to use the..... restroom. (you thought)

"Excuse me, I have to use the little girls room"

"Oh, ok"

-Niall's POV-

This may sound weird, but I'm glad she went to use the restroom, I need time to think to myself. Should I ask Arriana to be my girlfriend, or is it to soon? No, it's never to soon for love. But I'm already nervous as it is, no I have to ask her today, I will never know if i'll even see her after this. And I definitely want to see her again, she is just, different.

So let me break this down.

'Arriana, would you like to be my girlfriend?'

That sounds to corny, but that's all I'm made of. I'm just hoping that it's enough to get my thought out to her enough for her to say yes.

But, if she says no, I'm going to be torn into pieces. Please say yes, please.

-Arriana's POV- 

I wanted to get out of there for two reasons

(1) because I REALLY needed to go.

(2) I was scared that the sweat beads that i had all over my forehead was noticeable. Yes, I'm sweating because this was my first dinner date, also the fourth date i was ever on, I wasn't the most attractive person throughout my years. Why does Niall like me? I'm going to get that out of him, tonight. 

Well I can't stay in the restroom the whole date, time to get back to Niall, and complete my mission. So I got up and look at myself in the mirror and fixed up what needed to be fixed with my look. so as I walked back to the table the question kept going through my mind, but I was going to ask when we were at my doorstep, so I can get inside and fangirl like crazy. 

"Hey, sorry I took so long, there was some sort of line"

"oh don't worry, I had a lot of thinking to do about my next question."

"Oh, well what's the question"If it's what I think it is I'm going to scream once Niall is out of my sight.

"This sound corny asking like this, but would you like to be my girlfriend?"

AHHHH MY THOUGHT WAS RIGHT, I'M GOING TO BE, NIALL IRISH HOTTIE HORAN'S, GIRLFRIEND! Well not yet, but it's not like I'm saying no. Should I pull a Simon Cowell, and bring him down, to pull him back up, but higher? Yeah.

"Well, Niall you are a very very sweet guy, and I'm not the ideal person to date for a celebrity to you know date, and hate will tear me apart into a million pieces,I can't deal with that...." I trailed off because Niall was about to reject everything that I just said.

"I can protect you from everything that gets you upset, and or cry. I'll be there, and I'm sure that if they know how much that you mean to me and how much I care about you they will be there for full support. And please you are a perfect match for a celebrity because if you were a celeb. it would be hard to see each other and management agrees with girlfriends outside of the music business. So please."

Ahahah, I got my answer!!

"I would just like to say that that was the most sweetest thing someone has ever told me, and that i pulled a Simon Cowell move on you. Like I would say no to you Nialler, you have been my celebrity crush ever since i saw you on the X Factor singing "So Sick" i've been there from the start and was very sure that my crush on you was more than a little one."

 "Really, omg once I saw you in Starbucks I wanted to be more than friends even though the only thing I knew about you was that you name sang though me every time you would say it."

"So, yes Niall James Horan I would be more then delighted to call myself Niall Horan's girlfriend"I said Niall Horan's girlfriend like it was said way more than once in my life.

So after we finish our dinner, thanked Makayla and Brian for there wonderful help, and left the restaurant. My new boyfriend opened ever door that stood in my way, such a gentlemen.

~Skip the drive~


"Well thank you so much, I had a great time tonight"I said with glee, I was the happiest girl ever right now, I meet my idols and I'm dating my love, my crush, Niall James Horan.

"No problem, I had a great time too. Well see you later."

Then we shared that first kiss.











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