Unforgettable (1SHOT41D competition)

It had been a normal day, if you think literally bumping into One Direction on Valentines Day with tear-stained cheeks, a broken heart and a lump in your throat is normal...


1. Chapter 1

"I-I don't understand." I stuttered, tears threatening to spill onto my crimson cheeks. I was sitting at a table, in a fancy restaurant, with a boy who I thought loved me. I found out that wasn't the case.

"I'm sorry Bree, I met someone else. I asked her to be my girlfriend." He stated, grabbing my hand. I instantly pulled back, disgusted.

"Did you cheat on me?" I whispered. He looked down, not meeting my gaze.

"Did you cheat on me Aaron?!" I yelled. A few people turned to us, intrigued with the current situation.

"Yes." He said, still not looking at me. I gasped, tears spilling down my cheek.

"I'm not surprised that you did it, I'm surprised you owned up to it. You cheated on me, took me to lunch, and broke up with me on VALENTINE'S DAY." I screamed. I was inconsolable.

"You wanka," I said, standing up. But before I left I managed to pour my glass of water onto his hair.

"Have a nice life Aaron." I walked out the door, people clapping and cheering. 

I stepped outside, tears slipping down my face. This was the worst Valentine's Day ever, and nothing would make it better. That was until I stumbled into Niall Horan, my chocolate brown eyes burning into his gorgeous blue orbs. I realised the other members of One Direction were standing behind him, giggling.

"Hi." He breathed.

"Hi." I smiled, almost whispering.

"Be my valentine?" He asked. I grinned, grabbing him by the collar and pressing my lips to his. 

"Gladly." I beamed.


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