Once upon a time...

What happens at school dances is magical. Such a charmer Zayn Malik is. Such a charmer...


4. Work

Alexa's POV

Personnally I hate facing the cereal aisle, but someone has to do it. I was in the middle of taking down some expired boxes when someone bumped into me from behind. It was  a blond-haired boy, and he had a full cart. Boy was I glad I wasn't on a cash. That would take forever!


"Sorry about that" he said, with an Irish accent.

"It's alright. At least I didn't drop anything on you"

I left that aisle. I knew he was one of the other boys from earlier. Why are they popping up everywhere?!?! It's getting creepy.


Nialls POV


Harry was right. That girl needs to relax. I saw her almost fly from cash to cash to the office, and now she's working on the aisles? This girl needs to relax. When she bent over to pick up the cereal box she dropped, I noticed that she went into a dance position. She's a natural dancer. I went and asked one of the other workers about her, and I found out that when she's not working she's at school, and after school she has dance, work and piano. She needs to relax soon!



Zayn's POV


I decided to go and try to find Alexa on her way to school. The dance is in one day, and I want to ask her out before Harry does! I saw her walking, but I could tell she was actually working on a dance routine. I stopped her.


-Oh, hi

-I'm Zayn. We met yesterday?

-I remember you. And your two friends.

-Oh. I was just wondering if you have a date to the dance this saturday?

-I'm not going. I have to work

-But you're a fantastic dancer!

-I don't want to go and be depressed all night.

-Why would you be depressed?

-Let me think. I have no friends, I'm a loner......

-No way

-Believe it or not. Now please move so I can get to school.



This girl is a piece of work. This is going to be harder than I thought it would be.

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