Once upon a time...

What happens at school dances is magical. Such a charmer Zayn Malik is. Such a charmer...


3. Work is always eventful.....

*Alexa's POV*

I got to work with barely enough time to clock in. I hate being delayed, especially now that I'm the youngest supervisor ever. I walked in to the office to find out that nothing had been picked up or ounted, and that I had to cover express for 15 minutes so Kim could go on her break. Ugh! I went out and signed onto express. (I hate express, because then I can't do what I have to). I started refilling the ticket tray until I was interrupted by a customer. "Excuse me, are you open?" a british accent asked. I turned around to find curly from earlier, leaning over to look at me.

"Depends, are you going to creep me like you did earlier, or are you going to be civilized?' I replied.

"Gee, someone is observant."

"Well, I kinda notice when someone is creeping out my danve studio, and I don't have time for BS".

"Wow, that was harsh, love, I'll behave". I rung the boy through.

"Gee, no friendly conversation?" he commented.

"Unless you haven't already noticed, I'm trying to work, not waste my time flirting with someone I just met".

"Alexa, I thought you were a sweet girl" he said, staring down at my chest, where my name-tag was in plain view.

"Well, you thought wrong. Here's your change, and have a nice day". He left, thank gawd. Thank goodness Kim got back from her break soon enough so I could do my office stuff. Since it was slow, I went to go face some aisles.


*Harry's POV*

For a half an hour new, the lads and I have been watching Alexa from our hotel. She hasn't stopped moving. She's a work-a-holic. Zayn suggested that it might be easier to rope in the dance teacher. I wasn't about to give up on her though. I noticed Zayn had a poster he was looking at.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"Oh it's just something I found on the ground".

He passed it to me. It was an ad for the masquerade ball in two days. I had an idea. Hopefully it would work.....

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